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Chapter 269

269,1. Once in the garden, Fungar-Hellan meticulously examined everything - the abandoned large home of the beauty goddesses, the temple and the garden - and found the statements confirmed everywhere; in the residential home a large number of poisoned needles, which he had immediately confiscated by his administrative staff who followed him here, thus also the infamous glass summer-house, where the extremely poisonous tree grew lush in the centre of it. The tree had the designated shape and its trunk was covered with drops of poison.

269,2. Fungar-Hellan immediately wanted the tree to be exterminated and therefore ordered his men to destroy the glass house along with the tree at once.

269,3. But Agla seized the hand of Fungar-Hellan and screamed: "My most dearest friend, I beg you in the name of everything that you value and is most dear to you in the whole world, under no circumstances let this house be open by breaking it down or in any other way and do not in the least touch it; for the nature of this plant is so highly active that its exposure would not only kill us and all the workers, but everything in a radius of at least three hours walking, which has life, would have been killed!

269,4. But if you want to destroy this tree, you must build a large stake of a very resinous wood around the wendy-house and burn it simultaneously on all sides; this is the only way to destroy this plant without lethal consequences!"

269,5. This explanatory prevention of the destruction of this poisonous tree by Agla made Fungar-Hellan enormously suspicious. He looked Agla sharp in the eyes and said:

269,6. "Woman, what are you talking about? - Explain to me how do you know the effect of this tree so well as if you yourself has created it!

269,7. Verily, despite wanting to protect me if this is the nature of this plant, your explanation also makes me suspicious about you! Who knows whether you yourself have not been the planter of this plant from hell?!

269,8. I give you therefore a short period of time; use it and try to roll off my head this my very well-founded suspicion, otherwise there will be not a good outcome for you! Therefore undress yourself, so that you can confess nakedly the naked truth to me! For henceforth you should not not deceive me; for my suspicion about you is only too well established! Therefore, you will have to work hard for turning a Fungar-Hellan around your little finger!"

269,9. This challenge, however, did not caused Agla to lose her composure in the least!; she only said: "I'll undress myself - however, not here in the vicinity of this pest house, but in any of the living rooms of the former goddesses!"

269,10. Thereupon, the whole company went into the house and there in a very large room!

269,11. Having arrived there, Agla immediately undressed as Fungar-Hellan commanded her to do.

269,12. But this undressing was most dangerous for the strong sensual General. For only now all the hidden charms of this most beautiful woman came to light, which this woman possessed to such a high degree that some of the men present, when seeing her naked, started to rage and became insane; but five instantly fell dead to the ground.

269,13. And Fungar-Hellan forgot about all his suspicions; for like the rising sun consumes the fog in the valleys, the same effect did the great beauty of the naked Agla had on Fungar-Hellan.

269,14. He now demanded of her nothing else but her love and promised her to do and grant her everything to increase her love for him.

269,15. That this victory was for nobody more pleasant than Agla herself, is easily conceived, because she otherwise would have been caught here.

269,16. Gurat and Drohuit looked at this scene like losing players; but there was nothing else to do than to congratulate Fungar-Hellan?!

269,17. With this event, however, the examination came to an end and Fungar-Hellan led Agla to his palace as his wife with all honors. But Drohuit and Gurat also left for home with long faces.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-269 Chapter