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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-27 Chapter

Chapter 27

27,1. After this they moved on and no one dared to speak only one word to the Lord, although this time all three - thus also Enoch not excluded - carried a newly found knott in themselves, which, in its undone state, pressured them more than a heavy rock weighing many tons.

27,2. Since, however, the All-Knowing noticed this, He turned to Enoch and said to him: "Even you can still have issues over which you can brood like a hen over hollow eggs?!

27,3. But I tell you, however, it should not be like that, that man penetrates into all depths of My wisdom prematurely; since for this an eternal life has been prepared for you by Me!

27,4. But I’m going to solve for you what pressures you; but its said only to you and nobody else! And thus listen to Me:

27,5. In the depth of My Divinity I'm a man and a woman at the same time; however, not in the manner as you understand it but like that:

27,6. As a man I am the eternal love itself, the free life itself and all the power and energy itself, therefore in every man, as the fullest image of My love, genuine love expresses itself, of which the vain woman’s chest is never ever capable of.

27,7. In such My male love-image the man is strong like Me, and mightier in his chest than all women are with their loose chests, which can offer suckle-milk to the child's flesh, but cannot provide the spirit with the inner life-milk, because the love of the high, strong man does not dwell in her chest, although it could be indwelling, if the woman out of herself was not so vain-foolish!

27,8. This is how I as man has been set up since eternity out of Myself; you can understand this;

27,9. But since I also am home in the woman, I also must have the woman fully in Me - certainly; listen, how otherwise could I have created a woman?!

27,10. How this is possible, I want to explain to you wisely at once; because in woman lies cunningness and wit; also buried in her is a keen sense and shrewdness; the woman also does not speak openly and always tries to conceal her light and heart, therefore also he builds loosely who entrusts himself to the chest of women.

27,11. Thus I can also not speak as clearly from My woman-sphere as from My man-sphere, since the female part originates from the love-light out of Me and as the wisdom, although not in itself, but nevertheless is equal to the radiation of light, which emanates from the primordial source of light.

27,12. Accordingly the woman in Me is the eternally radiating light of wisdom, which forever and ever is produced with the same strength and power by love.

27,13. This wisdom is the forever inseparable right wife of the love of God with whom I, the eternal only God, have conceived and created all things, - and no other woman was ever needed by Me, the only, forever true love-God, the Man from eternity, the First forever and the Last forever!

27,14. Eternally I procreated with this My faithful wife countless billions of beings, which were visible to Me, but could not and were not allowed to look inside themselves.

27,15. However, forever it was decided in Me, to one day free all the endless many beings procreated in My spirit and to allow them to recognize themselves and Me!

27,16. A will was driven from Me and an overpowering ‘Be!’ followed it penetrating through all the endless vast depths of My eternal deity-power and bright luminous workings.

27,17. And from the eternally many emanating rays - listen and understand! - a life-filled one, a carrier of everything what since eternity out of Me, the man and eternal wife, has ever flowed into one via the life-carrying rays spiritually deep, endless and ever clear.

27,18. The carrier is the newly created wife, and was formed free to be a large collection-point of all the life-filled light, which, since eternities emanated from Me, so that in it the emanated life-bundle can mature under My constant emission of heat-grace frank and free, pleasantly visible opposite Me through a free life and therefore also seeing Me through the love-light given to them by Me.

27,19. And listen, the procreation has succeeded; you already see and understand Me your Creator!

27,20. But it is not yet the time of full maturity and harvest; great things also require great time periods!

27,21. Therefore understand such, - but keep silent; because it is not good to twaddle during such growth-conflict to one day reach maturity!

27,22. Because when the time comes, I will, like to you, enunciate it anew to My earth, and the later children from you will find it themselves and release it to the earth! Amen."

27,23. Here the three hit themselves on the chest and said: "O You infinite wisdom of God! Who will ever understand You?!”

27,24. And the Lord said, "Be silent now of everything; for behold, the children already rush to Me with outstretched arms! Therefore, let us also hasten to meet them! Amen. "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-27 Chapter