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Chapter 270

270,1. When both, namely Gurat and Drohuit, arrived back at the king’s royal palace, soon their other concubines came out and asked them how the matter with the terrible Agla ended.

270,2. And Drohuit answered and said: "Beloved wives, bad, bad for all of us! For Agla broke the bond of marriage between her and our gracious King and gave her heart and her hand, as if she had been single, anew to Fungar-Hellan! And he, as the actual mutineer of the sacred rights of the king, has thereby achieved his long-awaited desire. May today’s acquisition carry him the same interests as it has borne our good King! Otherwise I have no other desire for him!

270,3. But I was a huge ass that I almost gave my life for this Infernal beast! If I only had her denigrated against Fungar-Hellan, she surely would not be alive anymore; I was stupid enough to embellish her and present her as innocently and righteously as possible before the General!

270,4. And this is now my and the King's reward that she has turned her back on us, and that we are all most likely within a short time will have the honor to either very humbly and innocently bite the dust by a completely innocent poisonous needle swap; or we will be forced with gentle words, to leave the city of Hanoch forever, to then find a dwelling among the tigers, hyenas and bears - what do you think, Gurat, - am I right or not?"

270,5. And Gurat said: "My friend, if it was up to me, I would be of the opinion, that we should still today gather our treasures and under the cover of darkness leave Hanoch, rather than tomorrow, for I think at least it may be already too late!

270,6. Therefore, gather at once all my servants, and under the strictest seal of secrecy for their and our own good, give these instructions! Hundred camels shall carry our treasures, one hundred our provisions and another one hundred ourselves with all our entourage to some remote area of the earth; because from now on it will be impossible to survive in this great world empire!

270,7. The people are stultified to the highest level, and the better ones are composed of deceit, guile, hypocrisy and politics; the actual ruler is anyway our enemy and will it even more since he will surely dance strictly to the tune of Agla, who most likely will hate us now because we did not started to rage out of desperation due to her loss!"

270,8. Here Drohuit looked out of the window and saw, to his great astonishment, Agla with Fungar-Hellan nearing the palace and indicated such to the king.

270,9. When the king noticed this, he screamed: "In the name of all spirits, - we are lost!"

270,10. But Drohuit, who had dismissed all the women, said to Gurat: "Friend, listen: Craftiness against cruelty! Let us swiftly tear our clothes, then throw ourselves on to the ground and weep and mourn terribly, - and everything will be good again!"

270,11. Gurat and Drohuit did this at once, and hardly crying for a few minutes, Agla with the General came through the door and quite moved went to both, namely first to Gurat and asked him what was wrong.

270,12. And he, slightly recovering, shouted: "O Agla, Agla, you heavenly being! I miss you; the pain consumes me! I had to leave you outwardly; but alas, my heart, my heart, can never be separated from you!"

270,13. Here Agla consoled the King, saying: "Don’t weep so much! Behold, I am with you again and will stay with you and love you with all tenderness; and Fungar-Hellan remains our dearest friend!"

270,14. Here Gurat rose again and hugged both Agla and Fungar-Hellan. And then also Drohuit was helped to stand on his legs.

270,15. Next the following!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-270 Chapter