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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-272 Chapter

Chapter 272

272,1. A whole caravan of a thousand men was ordered to bring the two sisters who were called Pira and Gella.

272,2. When the caravan had covered half the distance, they found a very nice mountain pasture, on which several shepherds grazed a large herd of sheep and goats and protected these herds from ravenous beasts. These shepherds had huts and were armed with swords, slingshots and spears.

272,3. And the caravan leader asked one of the shepherds whether they knew the daughters of a certain Mahal, called Pira and the Gella.

272,4. And the Shepherd said: "From where are you that you ask about the beautiful daughters of my lord? My lord, indeed, had three daughters and two sons; he had to send one son to the depths, to preach repentance and remission of sin before God, or the nearing judgement, if the depths would not convert. And so the son left and until now has not returned.

272,5. Thus a beautiful daughter whose name was Agla, was also lost; to this hour we do not yet know what became of her. Who knows if she fell into the hands of a similar caravan and thereby became a prey to the depths! Thus therefore tell us first from whence you are, and who has sent you here, and then you will receive information about Pira and Gella!"

272,6. And the caravan leader said: “Thus listen to me, you honest shepherds of your lord! Agla herself sent us here that we should bring her two sisters to her! But Agla is now a great queen in the depths and rules over half the globe with unlimited power, and we ourselves are her servants. But Waltar, her brother, had died. How, - we do not know; but we have seen his head, embalmed in a crystal urn which is displayed in the temple of the great goddess Naeme!"

272,7. When the shepherds heard this, the first of them said: "From your conversation I inferred that you have spoken the truth! Thus you may remain here until tomorrow; Mahal will then come here with his two daughters, and you then can negotiate with him directly regarding his daughters.

272,8. When he conscientiously learns from you that his Agla is a queen of the depths, where there is supposed to be a big city, of which we certainly have no concept of, he is likely to go with you to visit his daughter, for whom He cried so much when she was lost!"

272,9. When the caravan heard this, they stayed with these shepherds and the next morning waited for Mahal and his two daughters.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-272 Chapter