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Chapter 273

273,1. When the night was over, in which as usual these shepherds had to fight quite a lot with the wild animals, and the sun was just above the horizon, all the shepherds fell down and praised and glorified God, because He mightily assisted them so protectively and to fight the wild animals during the the night, and asked him for His continued succor.

273,2. But a voice, like a mighty thunder, came through the air and spoke to the shepherds: "Drive home the fat herd, and put it in the barn My servant Noah! For his brother Mahal will not require henceforth this fold; because today he has decided to move with his daughters to the depths, which is cursed, to seek his fortune there.

273,3. And Noah will give you a job which I'm going to show him. If you faithfully comply with My will to Noah, I will not let you taste My wrath on the day of judgment; but if you grumble when fulfilling My will, you will taste My wrath in the last fear when death will come upon you! So be it!"

273,4. When the shepherds heard such a voice, they fell to the ground and gave glory to God.

273,5. But when they rose again from the ground, the caravan leader went to one of the shepherds and asked him what the thunder had been and if the shepherds understood the thunder because they listened to it with obvious attention.

273,6. And the shepherd said: "This was no ordinary thunder; for an ordinary thunder does not come out of clear air! This thunder was the voice of God to us and commanded us to do this and that, and showed us that Mahal, our lord until now, will henceforth not be our lord any more; for he shall move to the cursed depths with his daughters in order to seek a new happiness! If you wait here, you surely will meet him and his daughters soon!"

273,7. After these words, the shepherds began to summon the flock and started the way to Noah and thus left the caravan; but they waited until close to evening, but Mahal did not showed up!

273,8. And the leader said: "How could we have been so stupid to let the shepherds go?! Who knows what they might have done to him after meeting him?! Let us therefore go and move to meet him; perhaps he urgently needs our help!"

273,9. Upon these words the whole caravan rose at once and moved upwards.

273,10. When they had traveled for three hours, behold, they came across a company with in their midst Mahal his two daughters and a son; the caravan however, after questioning the company, explained to Mahal everything he needed to know.

273,11. But when Mahal had learned such positive news from the caravan, he said good bye to his entourage and joyfully moved with the cheering caravan to the depths.

273,12. Following his reception in Hanoch.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-273 Chapter