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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-275 Chapter

Chapter 275

275,1. When the the royal garments were brought in and the male and female dress-masters stood there, Gurat went to Mahal and asked him to exchange his hard mountain clothes with soft royal garments.

275,2. But Mahal thought here about his God and said: "My high son in law! Behold, I am of old age, and have survived many kings of the dephts!

275,3. My brother Noah still knows the times of Lamech, and I have known Uraniel who has followed Thubalkain, and then the thousand councilors, and then Ohlad who has emerged from the councilors and has reopened the Temple of Lamech.

275,4. And see, this dress, which now covers my nakedness, has served me through the centuries and is indestructible; because it has been still woven with the throw shooter, which Jehovah has given to the first people of this earth! What ingratitude would that be to God, if I would take off this indestructible dress which protected my body close to five hundred years from heat and cold, and put on this soft royal gown!

275,5. See, this dress is not glamorous and has no gloss; but it is nevertheless more precious than all your dresses ornamented with gold and precious stones! For all your clothes become dirty and must then be cleaned again; but this my dress, which hangs on my body for nearly four hundred years now, never gets dirty and yet keeps the body clean.

275,6. Therefore I will never put on clothes which get dirty, but will remain with the one that is not only getting not dirty, but also consumes all the dirt of the body and thereby gives the body an enduring health!"

275,7. Gurat was astonished about this perseverance and turned secretly to the Agla and asked her what can be done here.

275,8. But she said: "Let his will prevail! I know him; what he doesn’t want today, and you respect his will, he does the next day! He still holds strongly on to the old God; but when it comes down to it, to exercise too much self-denial, he is capable to sin just like we are!

275,9. However, do not say anything more today about redressing, otherwise you'll make him completely inflexible; but in the evening put the white clothes in his bedroom, and he will put them on tomorrow himself, although not fully but surely over his indestructible dress!"

275,10. And Gurat also asked her secretly, if all this was true, what her father had said of his enigmatic long life and his garment.

275,11. And Agla said: "You can believe every word he says; because he was already close to four hundred years old when he took himself a wife. And on us, his children, you can clearly notice it, since we are all of your old age already but still have the appearance as if we were still your tenderest adolescence!"

275,12. "Yes", said Gurat, "that is true; now I believe it! But it is truly extraordinary! But would that be result of the dress?"

275,13. And Agla said: "This is only causes by the old God, who is the only God and has no other forever beside himself! - But now nothing more about this; for the meal is ready! Only tomorrow you shall get to know your Agla’s true side! But let us go now into the dining room!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-275 Chapter