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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-276 Chapter

Chapter 276

276,1. Thereupon the whole company went to the table which was covered with the most precious dishes, of which, however, Mahal ate very little; for his palate was not accustomed to this kind of dainties, and even less so his healthy mountain stomach.

276,2. But the more so did Pira and Gella enjoyed the food; for their curiosity drove them to at least taste a little of each dish.

276,3. After the meal they chatted about indifferent matters, and passed the time with sweet idleness.

276,4. Only Mahal asked Agla a couple of times about Waltar, but always received an evasive answer and thus was left in the dark about it.

276,5. But Agla sent secretly several of her servants into the garden with the instructions to hide the head of Waltar, namely by immuring it in a niche of the garden wall in a remote part of the garden and by penalty of death under the seal of the strictest secrecy.

276,6. This command was completed punctually by the next morning; for the assigned servants of Agla said among themselves: "We have to obey her very precisely; for if she did not spare her own brother she will spare us less so! Therefore, total silence about it!"

276,7. When the workers returned the next morning they immediately reported back to Agla everything about how and where they had hidden the head of Waltar.

276,8. And Agla rewarded them, and once more commanded them to secrecy, even before the king, the General and before Drohuit.

276,9. And the servants promised this most sacredly and then went their way.

276,10. But when the main company reconvened in the main hall of the king, Mahal was missing.

276,11. At once he had been sent for to see what he might be up to that he did not appear.

276,12. When they entered his room he was found busy trying to put the royal garments above his indestructible dress.

276,13. He was praised for it, and then was guided under thousands of blandishments to the main hall, where a good breakfast was waiting.

276,14. And as such on this very next day already the whole family from the heights liked very much their royal dresses.

276,15. The following will show what happened further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-276 Chapter