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Chapter 277

277,1. After breakfast Fungar-Hellan rose and spoke to Agla: "Agla, you ornament of beauty of all women on earth! Except for you, only your two sisters are in your class of beauty! I like Gella as much as Pira, and verily, it will be a difficult choice for me here!

277,2. But if I may speak very honestly from my heart, I say, that I'd rather want to take both of them as steadfast wives, than only one of the two! If Drohuit agrees to it he would find a mighty friend in me; but it is up to his free good will!"

277,3. When Agla heard such from Fungar-Hellan, she at once turned to Drohuit and secretly said to him: "My beloved Drohuit, have you heard the wish of Fungar-Hellan? What do you say to this?"

277,4. And Drohuit said: "Unfortunately, yes! But what should I do here? Nothing else, than putting shackles on my own heart for the sake of politics and bite the bullet and turn a good face to the evil game! Just the thought that assures me of your your love, heavenly Agla, can console me for such a loss; otherwise I had to perish from sheer grief!”

277,5. But when Agla had heard such a pleasing talk from her captain, she said to him: "Yes, Drohuit, in my heart you shall find a thousand-fold substitute! But go now to Fungar-Hellan, and grant him his wish - and it will be all right!"

277,6. And Drohuit rose and walked over towards the General and said to him: "Friend, though you demand a heavy price from me, yes a price for which I would otherwise had given a whole world; but to show you that also you are more to me than a whole world, I want to bring you, my biggest, deepest and most powerful friend this sacrifice! And as such, from the the very bottom of my heart, I relinquish the chosen one to you and bless you with her and thereby also with all my already intended assured future happiness!"

277,7. Here Fungar-Hellan hugged Drohuit, kissed him and then said to him: "Drohuit, as sure as my name is Fungar-Hellan and have all the power in my hands, as sure this sacrifice will carry a yield for you, of which until now the world could not have dreamed of yet!

277,8. For the time being I tell you nothing more than: Drohuit, you are king and Gurat nothing but a vain figurehead! Agla is therefore yours, and you can allow Gurat, who has become very stupid and weak, to live quite well and let him be figuring for the sake of the people; but in terms of power, it lies in my and your hands.

277,9. See, this is my advancement; what will follow later on this, the future will instruct you!"

277,10. After these words the two friends kissed again, and Drohuit was now completely satisfied with such benefit for his sacrifice and at once went back to Agla and told her the good news.

277,11. And Agla immediately seized the hand of Drohuit, pressed it to her chest and said: "Now my wish is fulfilled! You are now mine!"

277,12. What further - the following will show!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-277 Chapter