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Chapter 278

278,1. But also the old Mahal heard a few things about the arrangements that were made, and therefore also that his two daughters were awarded to Fungar-Hellan as wives of one man. He thus went to Agla and and requested from her a better explanation.

278,2. And Agla said: "Listen, my dear father! On the rugged heights you naturally would have been asked if your daughters are allowed to take a man and what kind of man; but here an entirely different order of things applies, and by virtue of this everything must be all right with you, what the first rulers of this great empire want and are determining:

278,3. But the rulers are the man over there who takes your two daughters as wives - what is for you and them an unspeakable good fortune - then I, your daughter Agla as queen of this city and of the whole, endless great empire, and finally Drohuit, this young, handsome man who just now talks with the general chief priest Fungar-Hellan himself.

278,4. With these three rulers you must always try to be their constant and best friend and you will among them have the most carefree and best life; on the contrary, although my father, you will have to endure great vexations and adversities! Therefore be silent and show Fungar-Hellan how glad you are that he has chosen your daughters as wives; for through this choice also you grew in stature!"

278,5. When Mahal heard such from his Agla, he slowly began to realize from which side the wind was blowing and very quietly he began to scratch himself behind the ears, and said softly to Agla:

278,6. "I can see very well that this is the case here, and for your sake I will put up a good face for every occasion; but tell me: What is therefore the king, if you, Fungar-Hellan and Drohuit are the highest people in the kingdom? And what will become of my son Kisarell here?"

278,7. And Agla said: "King Gurat is a weak friend of Fungar-Hellan and is stupid! Therefore, he is dressed in the clothes of the king and figures as such, - but he has no power! But Drohuit is the real king and I am his wife; you thus have to listen to him and comply with everything he has to say!"

278,8. And Mahal further asked Agla and said: "If everything is thus arranged here, what is thus the power of God with you? Is God never consulted by you?"

278,9. And Agla pointed with her hand to her forehead and said: "Behold, there sits the council of God! This is what man has to develop and act accordingly, then surely he acts on the counsel given to him by God for all times of times! Or do you know a better one?”

278,10. Here Mahal fell silent; because he now clearly realized that hell has established its rule in the depths.

278,11. But Agla went to Fungar-Hellan and secretly talked to him about something.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-278 Chapter