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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-279 Chapter

Chapter 279

279,1. This, however, what Agla secretly discussed with Fungar-Hellan, was whether he could not accommodate her brother Kisarell somewhere in the manner that he was given some official assignment, - whereupon Fungar-Hellan suggested to her that Agla should appoint him as resident court sergeant, from where many ways would be open to him to move up to higher ranks if he would acquire suitable skills in this first appointment.

279,2. When Agla heard such from Fungar-Hellan she at once went to her father and said to him: "Since you have asked me earlier about your son’s future, I can tell you that he's been appointed to resident court sergeant which is a very honorable position here! And if he will distinguish himself through diligent reading and studying to acquire higher knowledge, he soon will rise to a higher office easily! Are you satisfied with this highly advantageous proposition for Kisarell or not?"

279,3. And Mahal said: "Daughter, I'm happy with everything; but one thing I must tell you from the heights which have become very meager, since you surely will have not completely forgotten the God of Adam, Seth and Enoch, and this one thing is the following:

279,4. All of you powerful rulers of this kingdom should not make too long and beneficial future plans with respect to your present constitution; for as things are standing with you right now, it is impossible to continue for very much longer, since you have completely departed from God and have gone over entirely to a pure idolatry of human worshipping of people and thereby have fallen into a most distant, darkest worldliness!

279,5. I say to you: Not more than seventeen years, and of your size and your city no trace will be found! Therefore I'm going to leave you again and will be going back to my brother Noah on the heights; but I first want to see and speak to Waltar!"

279,6. By that Agla was a little taken aback, but recovered soon and said: "Do what you want; from our side no impediment will be placed in your way! But as regards to Waltar, it will be difficult to ever see him again, for he began travelling to discover new worlds and thus has left us forever and the reason for that is that I as his sister could not give him my hand to become his wife!"

279,7. Here Mahal became very excited but bit his lips and after a while said nothing more than: "Thus - Waltar is dead! - Agla, Agla! The Lord will punish you severely!"

279,8. Thereupon he covered his face and wept.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-279 Chapter