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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-280 Chapter

Chapter 280

280,1. However, Fungar-Hellan noted that the old Mahal wept, and he went to him and asked him about the reason for his sadness.

280,2. And Mahal said: "O you Mighty of this kingdom, which at all times enjoyed such great graces and mercies from God the Lord, if you knew what I know at this very moment, also you would cry with me and wanted to mightily wail!

280,3. For behold, the Lord has now given me an inner light, and in this light I see your great infirmities before God and also see the doom of all of you! How could I not cry?!

280,4. My son Waltar, sent to you by God as a prophet, has been killed by you in the spirit, - who knows if not also his body!

280,5. However, if you had him killed a thousand times in the body, I would laugh about that, - for my son would still be alive before God in the spirit; but since you have killed his spirit, he is dead and lost forever!

280,6. And so it will go with all these my children! Agla is already threefold dead, and Kisarell and Pira and Gella will soon also be there at such your constitution, if you not again follow the footsteps in which the former kings of this realm have walked, who were called Lamech at His time, Thubalkain, Uraniel and Ohlad, and were righteous before God!"

280,7. When Fungar-Hellan heard such words from the God enlightened Mahal, he thought it over for a little while and finally said with the greatest calmness and composure: "You may be right, - because I know this very well that at the inhabitants of the heights of the earth an ancient wisdom exists, which we unfortunately no longer possess; but nevertheless, we are not that stupid as you always imagined us to be!

280,8. We have, in the strict sense speaking, more idolatry than any pure recognition of God; but therefore the actual essence of God, is not excluded. Because through the exhibitions we only sensualize for the people the ligand forces of an all-ruling deity and worship them because they are divine powers. And even God Himself cannot regard this as unjust!

280,9. But if we attach names to such forces and sensualize them through corresponding artful shapes for the people and had them be worshiped by the people, say, can this appear to God, who is most wise, as an abomination?!

280,10. If you look at a large and magnificent building and admire and praises it, say: Are you thereby not also laud the builder?! Are you lauding the builder if you only praise his person, but criticise his works? Surely, the builder will not be pleased for such a glory!

280,11. According to this our recognition of God also our leadership of the people corresponds! I want to take you back and forth throughout the empire, and you can kill me if you're going to hear any complaint of injustice on our part!

280,12. Behold, the nations are living happily! There is nowhere poverty among them; everywhere arts and sciences are blooming. Say, what does your God still wants from us? Does He wants to kill us, he should do so, - we are at his mercy! Whether he will do right, however, according to my opinion, we can leave for the time being undecided!

280,13. But go now with me and I will show you everything that we are and what we do; only then speak what you seem what is wrong with us!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-280 Chapter