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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-281 Chapter

Chapter 281

281,1. But when Mahal heard this from Fungar-Hellan, he said: "My God and my sole Master! You will not abandon Your old servant to such an extent that he regards the night of the depth as a light?!

281,2. Fungar-Hellan, is it your opinion that the external human mind can compete with the inner light of the spirit and can challenge its power?!

281,3. Your speech sounded quite reasonable in the ears of the world; but nevertheless it is an abomination in the ears of the spirit!

281,4. Yes, if you would be serious about it and it be therefore the full, pure truth, the matter could still be justified; but since the reason of such your constitution for the sham wellbeing of your people is quite another than the one you presented to me here, no justification can be found for such your constitution before the court of the spirit!

281,5. You can show me nothing or everything what and how you do it, it nevertheless will not be able to change the truth in my spirit; for I can see in my spirit through the dense, righteous-looking, beautiful mask of your constitution, the rotten skeletons!

281,6. How possible do you want to try, to show me a just and well-ordered life, where I discover nothing but decay and rotting carcasses?!

281,7. But that you can learn how I in my spirit can clearly see how your constitution is set up, I say to you: You, Gurat and Drohuit, and many thousands of the elite, believe in nothing - neither in an old, nor in a new God, also not in a life after death, and therefore all your religion is thus an illusion for the people!

281,8. Yes, if you would teach what you believe yourself, then you would not deceive the people; because then you would at least treat the people honestly, and the people would know where they stand!

281,9. Your motto reads: Illusion and politics! You speak differently than what you think, and by your actions you are always looking to achieve hidden purposes, which are not even remotely connected to your outwardly appearing intentions!

281,10. Well, friend, I ask you: Can such a constitution appear as righteous to a highly wise God, - Him, who is the eternal love and wisdom itself and thereby the eternal truth, order and justice?

281,11. Therefore it is not necessary for me to see what you do and how; because I see the reason in you!"

281,12. This speech of Mahal made Fungar-Hellan quite formidably falter; for from it he too clearly realized that his politics was exposed like a clearest day. He therefore said nothing else than: "Basically you may be right; but nevertheless, come with me and see, and you will speak differently!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-281 Chapter