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Chapter 282

282,1. And Mahal said: "Well, friend, I will go with you; for I am not afraid of you, because the Lord is with me! But woe to yourself, should evil thoughts ascend in your heart; for then you shall soon become aware that the Lord of heaven and earth is with me! And as such I will now go with you!"

282,2. After these words of Mahal, Fungar-Hellan summoned at once his very shiny and very large guard of honor and he himself got ready to move out; but at that moment it occurred to him that he should also take along the two daughters of Mahal and Kisarell, for otherwise they could easily suffer harm from some secret wrath of Agla. He thus asked Mahal.

282,3. And Mahal agreed to this proposal and said: "That you may do; for it is not safe, to leave other siblings in the care of a fratricidal sister to plot their death.”

282,4. At these words Fungar-Hellan was startled and he asked Mahal: "Mysterious man, who told you what Agla did to her brother to protect this kingdom? How can you know what is still to ourselves a mystery for the most part?"

282,5. And Mahal said: "I can know this because the Lord tells me; but you may know nothing, for you all are stuck endlessly deep in all the night of the world and thus hell, in which no divine ray of light reigns, but only God's wrath, the night of the spirit and death!

282,6. However, let us move out now, but first to where my spirit will guide you, - whereupon I will follow you wherever you're going to take me!”

282,7. And Fungar-Hellan said: "Well, show me the way, and I want to see where you, mysterious man, will take me in this overly large city as a stranger!”

282,8. After these words Fungar-Hellan, Mahal, Kisarell, Pira and Gella started to walk, and Mahal led Fungar-Hellan straight to the garden of the former beauty goddesses, by which the General was highly surprised, that the strange man found his way in this city through hundreds of streets.

282,9. But when they arrived in the garden, Mahal led Fungar-Hellan straight to the point where late at night the previous day, Agla had the head of Waltar together with the glass urn stonewalled.

282,10. On arrival Fungar-Hellan asked: "Well, friend, - what should I do here?”

282,11. And Mahal said: "Break down this fresh wall - but carefully - so that you may convince yourself that the divine light in the heart sees more than all your secret city-, citizen- and informants spy system!”

282,12. Fungar-Hellan immediately did this and when the niche was freed from the new covering wall, the urn with the head became visible.

282,13. Fungar-Hellan was amazed and shouted: "In the name of all devils, how does this head gets here?”

282,14. And Mahal said: "How can you ask me that? As the all-informed should you not be privy to all the secrets of your kingdom?! Did you not know what Agla yesterday instructed her servants to do?"

282,15. Here Fungar’s eyes widened; but Mahal asked the General to follow him further, where there were still many other secrets. And Fungar followed Mahal.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-282 Chapter