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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-283 Chapter

Chapter 283

283,1. They entered the temple. And when Mahal arrived there with Fungar-Hellan, Mahal said to him, pointing with his hand to the coffins of the women of Waltar:

283,2. "There, see the real and only true cause of the death of my son! The jealousy of Agla, my wayward daughter, had the brother killed because of these unfortunate women and then killed them with her very own hands with a poisoned dagger!"

283,3. When Fungar-Hellan heard such from Mahal, he was horrified and said very angry: "If Agla has done all this as you told me now, she will still die today a most agonizing death without any mercy!"

283,4. But Mahal said very calmly: "Oh, friend, do not get worked up until you have seen everything about the dealings of Agla; therefore just continue to walk with me!"

283,5. Thereupon the group continued to follow Mahal inside the residential building, and Mahal led Fungar-Hellan through a corridor on the third floor. When he came to the end of it, he showed the General a door - yes a door of perdition! - And he then asked the inquiring General chief priest: "Do you know what is going on behind this dainty door?”

283,6. The General shrugged and said: "How should I know? I have not made this door myself, when I had this house built for the most beautiful women of Hanoch! - What is behind this door? Speak and show it to me!"

283,7. And Mahal said, "Have this door open cautiously by your people, and see!”

283,8. At once Fungar-Hellan had the door blown open by force and at first found nothing but a narrow, delicate chamber with an inner space measuring less than one square fathom and in the background a quite petite comfy-bed.

283,9. At this sight Fungar-Hellan said: "I see nothing special!”

283,10. And Mahal took a spear shaft and pressed with it on a button mounted to the comfy-bed; and in that moment the floor of this small room opened with two wing doors and a deep and dark abyss stared at the astonished beholders.

283,11. "What is that?", screamed the General.

283,12. And Mahal said: "A well-planned downfall for you, a most recent work of Agla! She wanted to lure you here, and if you had come here, she would have pressed the button with her heel, and you have fallen prey to this abyss! How do you like this arrangement?"

283,13. Here the General began to foam of rage and could not speak because of anger and wrath.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-283 Chapter