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Chapter 284

284,1. Only after a while when Fungar-Hellan had seen enough of the abyss, which was prepared for him, his tongue started to loosen, and he said in great excitement of his soul:

284,2. "O Mahal friend! I ask you now to speak and say what should be done with the daughter from hell, Agla! Tell me, is it not possible to kill her a thousand times the most agonizing death?! Yes, I know what I’m going to do! For a thousand times I will threaten her with the most gruesome death and only then have her killed in the most cruel way possible!"

284,3. But Mahal said: "Friend, I tell you in the name of my God and my only Lord: Let go of your anger and wrath, and do not judge until you have the whole mass of deeds before your eyes, which have been committed by Agla or at least prepared! Only if you been initiated into everything, we will see what judgment we can bring about over the perpetrator!

284,4. But now go further with me; for we are far from finished looking at all the things which Agla executed and prepared with the help of her captain Drohuit, whom you have made king today! Thus follow me!"

284,5. Thereupon Mahal led Fungar-Hellan back into the garden, namely to one of the many summer-houses. On one of them an inscription could be seen: ‘Here is the king's pleasure, here the king's highest bliss’. In the summer-house, however, a very delicate throne was erected, namely for the king, and next to it another comfy-bed - of course for the concubine.

284,6. And Fungar-Hellan asked Mahal, what devil’s work was this.

284,7. And Mahal led the General to the throne and said: "Do you see here in the upholstery of the throne the thousand fine needle tips lurking, each bringing certain death?!

284,8. You know the effect of the needles! Behold, they are also a work of Agla! Its purpose is to transport all the people the queen does not like out of this world, and therefore also you, who are her greatest obstacle!

284,9. The inventor of these needles is Drohuit himself, as well as the most experienced planter of that little tree in a glass house, which you have seen already.

284,10. How did he obtain the seed for this plant?

284,11. See, the seed is a product of hell! On the journey Drohuit made to visit the temple of the bull, which is built in a well-known mountain gorge, he met a strange being who gave him the seeds and taught him how he should put this into the ground, and what the effect would be of this plant.

284,12. And Drohuit put the grain into the earth, and in a few days already an ominous plant sprouted! He taught Agla the effect of it and she was delighted. And that is the reason for the small pointy murder weapons.

284,13. How do you like this set up? - I see you are already quite dumb with horror and anger! But I tell you: Just continue with me, and you will see even better things!”

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-284 Chapter