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Chapter 285

285,1. And Fungar-Hellan said: "Why should I go with you and look at all the most abominable measures of Agla to destroy me?! It is more than enough what I have seen so far and it is sufficient for her certain death, - and if she was a thousand times your daughter! Therefore, rather go with me now, so that I can show you some of my arrangements.”

285,2. And Mahal replied: "Especially this time you have to inevitably go with me; for what you will see now, will be of the greatest importance for your rescue!

285,3. What you have seen so far, are unsuccessful arrangements for the destruction of your person; but what you will see now threatens to destroy all your power with one stroke!

285,4. Therefore, follow me quickly, so that we may not be too late to go there; for what I have to show you now, is not in this garden but in a slightly more remote part of the city. Therefore let us quickly move on!"

285,5. Upon these words Fungar-Hellan at once summoned all his entourage and the whole, large company moved away from the garden, following Mahal. And he walked through detour alleys and streets of the city and after two hours came to a large, open space within the large city walls, of which, very strangely, Fungar-Hellan knew nothing about.

285,6. On arrival Mahal asked Fungar-Hellan: "Friend, do you know this place?"

285,7. And Fungar-Hellan replied in astonishment: "Verily, I have been born in this city but cannot remember ever having seen this place or having heard anything about it. What is it with this place which is large enough to assemble a million warriors?"

285,8. And Mahal said: "Friend, just a little patience, and you will soon begin to see what is happening here! Just look at the most farthest corner of this area which would take an hours straight walk to reach, and you will see the movement of many people!"

285,9. And Fungar looked more closely and soon saw a whole, great army marching on to the area.

285,10. Here, Mahal again asked Fungar-Hellan: "Friend, who pretends to possess such a bright mind and knows everything that happens throughout the empire, - do you also know that one million warriors are exercised here in the use of weapons against you and king Gurat?"

285,11. Here Fungar-Hellan became quite pale and again was unable to speak of sheer fury.

285,12. And Mahal said: "We must not be detected by them; because then we would be lost! But lets move further back into town and I will show you a few other things that are of even greater concern! Therefore, let us immediately turn around so that Drohuit, who is the head of all this, does not recognize us!"

285,13. Fungar-Hellan clapped his hands above the head and followed Mahal.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-285 Chapter