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Chapter 286

286,1. Once again Mahal led Fungar-Hellan through several remote alleys and streets and arrived at an old building of great extent. When he reached it he stopped and asked Fungar-Hellan what he thinks what is going on inside this building in front of him.

286,2. And Fungar-Hellan said: "Friend, how should I know? I, myself hardly know this building and must openly confess that it is probably the first time in my life that I see it! For who should be able to know all the buildings in this city, of which there are myriads?! Therefore I ask you, who has the knowledge of all things in your soul: tell me what is going on here!"

286,3. And Mahal said: "Thus listen! See, this is a remote and therefore very convenient meeting place of two hundred thousand mutineers against you and the king Gurat. This large building was once a vile beautification institution for women; but now it is a house of mutiny.

286,4. At present, there are seventy thousand aristocrat citizens in the many and large chambers of this building and under seventy presiding delegates and deputies of Drohuit and Agla, they are holding an ignominious meeting against you and king Gurat.

286,5. You want to go inside and convince yourself of everything yourself; but this is not advisable!

286,6. Therefore let us go into this dilapidated building opposite this huge castle, and in a good hiding place we will hardly have to wait longer than half an hour, and you'll soon see the congregation coming out of this building and many acquaintances in their midst!"

286,7. Upon these words of Mahal the whole, great company was hiding in the recesses of the ruin and waited there for the conclusion of the meeting. After nearly half an hour, the large gate opened, and for one and a half hours people streamed out of the building, among which Fungar counted many well-known citizens, even several high priest!

286,8. And in passing the General noted how some high ranking officials spoke among each other: "We still have only one point to defeat: The power of Fungar, which is still very strong but which must fall. The sly fox until now has not fallen and died in any of the traps set for him; but this does not matter! Because now we have him anyway! The wise Agla brought him so far that he made his greatest enemy king; he now assembles a main force and within ten days the matter will be decided!"

286,9. When Fungar-Hellan heard this, he held Mahal by his arms and said: "Only now do I recognize you as my greatest friend! Now I know everything and no longer say: ‘Come, and see my state constitution', but I ask you to provide me with the best advice on what should I do now!”

286,10. And Mahal said: "The advice will follow; but first you still need to take a closer look at this! Therefore, follow me quickly, and convince yourself of everything!"

286,11. And Fungar went at once wherever Mahal took him.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-286 Chapter