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Chapter 287

287,1. But where did they go? Whereto had Fungar-Hellan to go before receiving the promised good advice from Mahal? - To the dwelling inside the castle of the senior priests themselves, and there also to the large apartment of the General!

287,2. When the whole, big company arrived there, Mahal asked Fungar-Hellan: "This building, in size not much smaller than an extensive mountain range, you most likely will know it?!”

287,3. And Fungar-Hellan spoke with a thin smile: “Yes, it should be pretty familiar to me! But what is it here in my house?”

287,4. And Mahal said: "Let us now first go to the dwellings of the priests, namely first to the under priests, and you will immediately recognize what it is all about here!”

287,5. At these words the whole company walked to the large communal dwelling of the under priests, and found them to be very active.

287,6. But what were they doing? - They sharpened the tips of swords and lances, heated the same over a charcoal fire and then dipped the heated tips into the already known poison!

287,7. But when the under-priests, who earlier - as is known - were the senior priests, saw Fungar-Hellan, they were overcome by a great fear, causing them to drop everything.

287,8. And when the general asked with a thundering voice: "What's happening here? Who commanded you to do this?", no one was able to speak one word; for everyone saw himself as betrayed and lost.

287,9. And Fungar immediately asked Mahal, what should be done here.

287,10. And Mahal said: "Start here to act! Ask at once for soldiers to come here and arrest the whole gang; for they are the main support for Drohuit and Agla and they knew how to make both of them your greatest enemies, based on the old hatred for you, for which the reason is well known to you!

287,11. These very under-priests have already turned many senior priests against you and are the secret main reason of the current mutiny! You can apply the full severity of the law to them; but hold back the death penalty!"

287,12. Upon these words the General had immediately a thousand soldiers deployed; they at once fettered the under-priests and threw them into the lowest and most secure dungeon.

287,13. And Fungar also had all the poisoned weapons collected and brought to safe custody.

287,14. Thereafter Mahal led him to his own apartment and said to him in front of the door leading to the first large chamber:

287,15. "First ask for some sweepers and cleaners to come here, to carefully clean the floors before we enter, otherwise each step will cost us our life! For some senior priests associated with the under-priests have strewn poisoned glass splinters all over the floor and the smallest cut in the soles of our feet will cost each of us his life!"

287,16. Fungar-Hellan followed the advice of Mahal and called for the sweepers and cleaners to come to his dwelling at once; they came with wooden shoes on their feet, and cleaned all the rooms of the General.

287,17. But the General asked the sweepers and cleaners: "Why did you came here with shoes on? Did you know about the filth which has been scattered in my rooms?"

287,18. Here the sweepers and cleaners began to tremble before the General.

287,19. And Mahal said to Fungar-Hellan: "They acted in compulsion; therefore treat them graciously!"

287,20. And Fungar-Hellan said: "With the greatest fidelity tell me everything and I will spare you!”

287,21. Here they began to talk, and what they said made the General’s hair stand up on the back of his neck.

287,22. The following will show what they were saying!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-287 Chapter