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Chapter 288

288,1. But the sweepers and cleaners were filled with fear, because through the command of the General, they were now faced with a double trap.

288,2. Therefore the head sweeper and cleaner came to the fore and said: "Great, almighty lord and lord and master! We want to tell you everything if you can protect us from the fury of your enemies; but if you can’t do this, we are lost like you are! For if we do not tell you everything, you are going to kill us; but if we tell you everything, you will be able to look on how your enemies are going to strangle us, because we have betrayed them to you against their most terrible bid!"

288,3. And Fungar-Hellan said: "Worry about something else; your supposed masters who threatened you with death, if you would betray them to me under whatever mask, are already lying in the deepest dungeons! Therefore you can tell me everything what you know without fear!"

288,4. When the two heard such from the General, they said: "If the matter stands like that, ah, then we can speak without fear and hesitation! And thus listen to us graciously!

288,5. The under-priests have already been your greatest enemies from the time you have made them under-priests with a pretended authority of the king, and have now found in the appalling queen and her favorite Drohuit the best tools to take revenge on you!

288,6. The queen seeks autocracy, and Drohuit, a horndog, strives to possess the most charming woman, what this queen is supposed to be - but what we can not vouch for, since we have not seen her yet -; and the under-priests have promised them everything under oath, if the queen would be able to destroy you and to recognize them as the old, true senior priests! For this reason both parties now did everything by whatever means to destroy you.

288,7. If you do not want to fall in the arms of certain death, then do not drink any water from your golden fountain; because it is poisoned! Likewise, do not eat a single bite from your pantry; for everything is strongly poisoned! Also do not lie on your comfy-bed Lotterbett nor on your couch, and do not sit on any one of your chairs and benches; for everything is full of poisoned needles! The floors are now clean again, but do not trust any furnishings of your home because it is likely that everything could bring you death! Now you know everything we knew; now act right and just!"

288,8. When Fungar-Hellan heard this, he was filled with the most terrible wrath.

288,9. But Mahal said: "Friend, calm yourself; because in anger no being can do something clever! You now have learned about all the dangers and therefore can act well!

288,10. Have a feast meal prepared from all the poisoned food, and invite all your enemies! If they are coming, tell them, that they are now eating from your pantry! They who will refuse to eat, take prisoner at once, but those who do not refuse, do not let them eat!

288,11. What then has to be done, I'm going to tell you at the right time! Let it be done!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-288 Chapter