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Chapter 289

289,1. According to this advice of Mahal, Fungar-Hellan immediately sent for his cooks and food masters to come and see him, and he instructed them to prepare a meal for a thousand people, and said to the servants: "Go and lay the large tables in the large dining-room with the golden tableware and put the comfort chairs and comfy-beds to the set tables!"

289,2. Here, the chefs, food masters and servants became pale with fear and regarded themselves as lost.

289,3. But Fungar noticed the great embarrassment of his otherwise very faithful servants and asked them quite firmly: "Well, why are you hesitating? Why are you becoming so fearful and cannot move?"

289,4. And the chief cook said: “Lord, lord, lord! We all are not to blame! But we had to watch how the under-priests under the direction of several senior priests poisoned the gold fountain, all of your pantries and all of your tableware with a new poison which was given to them by captain Drohuit.

289,5. They then tried to give the poisoned food to the animals, and they died the moment after swallowing such poisoned food.

289,6. If you or the invited guests will eat it, they will all perish! And we are not even dare to touch the poisoned food and even less so to prepare it!"

289,7. And Fungar-Hellan said: "I know about everything what you just have told me; therefore I want to give this meal to those who have cared for me so well and faithfully! This my only best friend, who has come from the heights, however, will tell you how to prepare the dishes, that it will not hurt you!"

289,8. Here, the chefs, food masters and servants turned to the old Mahal and asked him for some advice.

289,9. And Mahal said: "Thus go and bring oil and vinegar, and wash yourselves all over the body with it before starting to prepare the poisoned food and other things! And you cooks, cover your noses with a wet cloth when preparing the food, and it will not harm you!"

289,10. This advice was immediately put to action and all called upon began their work.

289,11. Then the General summoned the heralds and commanded them to invite the certain guests to supper.

289,12. And the heralds went and invited the guests.

289,13. Then Fungar-Hellan also summoned the military commanders and gave them the command to keep the whole great army at the ready.

289,14. And everything took place like the blink of an eye!

289,15. But the invited guests had smelled a rat and apologized not to attain.

289,16. And Mahal said: "Now send out well-armed soldiers, that they should arrest those who were invited and drag them here!”

289,17. And Fungar-Hellan followed the advice of Mahal at once, and within an hour approximately a thousand guests were rounded up, including Agla and Drohuit. Only king Gurat came voluntarily.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-289 Chapter