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Chapter 29

29,1. Upon this warning a young man of about fifty years of age, from the region of the morning children, full of courage and zeal he stepped up towards the Lord and asked the Lord: “Almighty Creator, God, our most holy Father! May also I, a dirty worm before You, in all humility of my heart beg You presumptuously to allow me to ask You a question which at least to me appears all important?"

29,2. And the Lord said: "Son of Mathael I tell you, speak! For I see that you hide a good question in your heart."

29,3. Muthael thanked the Lord most devoutly for this most gracious permission and then came up with the following noteworthy question, which sounded like this:

29,4. "0 Lord, God, You most loving holy Father! Behold, I am already more than fifty years old and I know that some younger than me already have taken wives; only to me it was not given until now, to approach a female creature.

29,5. When I looked at their soft and adorable occurring flesh, most women appeared to me very softly, delicately and therefore also very enticing, and I then always experienced a great longing for a wife; but when I then, compelled by such inner urge, approach one or the other to exchange with her the softest words of love from the depth of my heart, everytime I was horrified and did not found what I imagined to find.

29,6. I then often thought by myself: But how is such a contradiction in these delicate creatures conceivable? Externally curls a soft evening breeze over their most tender flesh - but her inner is unresponsive to a spiritual storm and male hurricanes of wisdom can not touch her heart, but certainly male women-weaknesses, as there are flesh-love, silly female-compliments, promising male-sensual gratification and then the actual worshipping of their flesh and similar things.

29,7. Behold, because of such experiences I developed a real repugnance to all womenfolk, and it disgusts me at all times to such an extend that I cannot approach them anymore!

29,8. O Lord, God and Father, is this, however, the right thing to do? Have I thereby not sinned against You? And what is the reason of such phenomenon in me? - What is then this woman, this externally living but on the inside dead being?”

29,9. Here, the Lord turned to him and said: "Listen, my beloved Son Muthael, - your observation is weightier than you think!

29,10. The first reason of such phenomenon lies therein that you are from above; but the woman is from below.

29,11. You are filled with what is the living spirit of love from Me, but the woman is filled with what there is the spirit of the world.

29,12. Therefore you are also soft and tender on the inside, while the woman is it only from the outside.

29,13. You're a cardinal creature out of My depth, - but the woman is only an after-creature, a summary of My emanation.

29,14. You are made from the core of the sun, - the woman only from the fleeting rays of the sun.

29,15. In you is the full truth, - in the woman only the reflection of the truth.

29,16. You're a being out of Me, - the woman only a reflection out of Me.

29,17. Behold, these are the main reasons of your experience!

29,18. The question, however, whether you thereby have sinned before Me is vain. Because you can only then sin against Me, if you have received a commandment from Me to do something or not to do it; without that no sin is conceivable, because you act without commandments in My direction.

29,19. But I now tell you, that I also have adopted the female gender as My children, and in Purista you have an example, thus an command from Me, as it is supposed to be.

29,20. Two have their hearts firmly connected to her’s, namely Ghemela and Mira.

29,21. But if the woman is equal to them, then she also carries My image in herself; and if you approach one of them in the sublimity of your heart, you are not going to encounter a stone anymore.

29,22. Since you are the purest heart of the morning region, I will give you in the near future also the purest woman, which will correspond to you in every aspect; but until then, remain as you have been so far! Amen."

29,23. Here there was brightness before the eyes of Muthael, and he looked into the depth and he praised and lauded the Lord in his pure heart.

29,24. And the Lord also called others to Himself, and invited them to ask Him anything that might darken their hearts.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-29 Chapter