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Chapter 291

291,1. When Agla and Drohuit had been taken care of in this way, only then did Fungar-Hellan turn to the senior priests and said to them:

291,2. "Now, my friends and brothers, the dishes are on the tables; thus let us go into the large dining hall, so that your two pupils who are now in the cages, are not without company! Just go willingly, otherwise you will be forced!"

291,3. Upon this deadly invitation one of the senior priests said to Fungar-Hellan: "Supreme friend and brother! Listen to me! See, - to be misled by all kinds of threats and yet still other enticements and eventually fall for it is still human; but to obstinately, self-willingly remain in default, forms part of hell!

291,4. In the same way we have been misled by the very sly under-priests by mainly threats of the most appalling kind. We were told of a force which topples yours tenfold, and were assured that you already have been arrested, and that your enemies are now the masters of the city and of the whole empire.

291,5. Upon hundreds of statements of this nature we had to open your rooms and then watch how your enemies poisoned everything in your chambers with the new poison, causing the death of a hundred workers already, who were taken away in covered carts.

291,6. See, this is the truth of the matter, therefore forgive us our coerced missteps against you, and accept our most faithful assurance, that we henceforth will remain your most faithful and firmest friends!"

291,7. After this speech Fungar-Hellan turned to Mahal and asked him what should be done here.

291,8. And Mahal said: "Those take prisoner - but not in your dungeon, but in your heart - and forgive them, so that it will also be forgiven to you! But the imprisoned under-priests in the dungeons, have them brought here, so that they may eat the food and then die in their iniquity! But Agla and Drohuit leave during the meal in the dining-room, so that they can see how iniquity punishes itself!”

291,9. Thereupon Fungar-Hellan arranged everything as Mahal had advised him to do.

291,10. About a thousand under-priests were herded into the dining hall and had to sit down at the table; for now any resistance was of no use anymore! Most of them already died by just sitting down under the most terrible and painful convulsions; only a few were killed by being forced to eat.

291,11. But the two cage witnesses of this meal fainted because of the shuddering sight and were therefore brought out into the open, where they recovered again with the help of vinegar.

291,12. What further the following will show.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-291 Chapter