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Chapter 292

292,1. When this scene was over and the two cage dwellers had fully recovered from their fainting, Fungar-Hellan again asked Mahal, what should happen now, first with those who have expiated their crimes with death, and secondly with those inhabitants of the cages.

292,2. And Mahal said: "Have immediately all your treasures be removed from this your castle and have it, namely the castle, be set on fire at every nook and cranny! But I tell you: The clearance must be completed within three hours! Everything that cannot be salvaged in this time from the castle, must be left to the flames - otherwise tomorrow the judgement of God will come over this house! What will not have been consumed by the flames after a ten-day burning, you can then use again.

292,3. With regard to the two cage dwellers, have them brought to the castle of the king! For the whole duration of the castle fire they should stay in their quite spacious cages and practice themselves in patience and humility; and the judgment over them will then depend on the manner they have used this humiliating trial for the true welfare of their souls!

292,4. But this I say to you: Woe to you, Fungar-Hellan, and also to you king Gurat, if you ever again make, Agla, my unnatural daughter, a queen; for then you will have to endure a mighty judgement!"

292,5. After these words of Mahal, Fungar-Hellan immediately ordered all his servants and the many servants of all again freed senior priests - where both groups of servants of both male and female sex, counted more than ten thousand heads - to carefully evacuate the castle for three hours and to carry the treasures to the great royal castle, but after three hours to burn this castle of the priests at all thousands of nooks and crannies.

292,6. Particularly large fires should be thrown over the corpses in the large dining room. However, everything in the apartment of the general upper priest - whether gold or silver -, should not be saved. Thereupon he commanded some carriers, to bring the two cages to the castle of the king.

292,7. Everything was immediately punctually executed; within the scheduled three hours many thousand quintals of gold and silver and a lot of other treasures were taken out of the castle and into the great royal castle.

292,8. When the three hours had passed one could see thousands of arsonists rushing with burning torches and pitch garlands into the castle of the priests and it took not longer than half an hour, and the immense castle, which had a circumference of two hours and had more than thirty thousand apartments, was ablaze with the most furious flames and put almost the entire Hanoch was in a state of horror, which had not its equal since the days of the ten fire prophets from the heights.

292,9. What further the following will show!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-292 Chapter