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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-293 Chapter

Chapter 293

293,1. Around the burning palace of the priesthood, guards were placed and nobody was allowed to perhaps extinguish something. However, fire drenchers were ordered to make sure that the fire of the palace would not spread to the adjacent small and large dwellings of citizens, despite the palace’s substantial separation the neighboring buildings were still exposed to great danger from embers raining down from the mighty fire.

293,2. And Hanoch’s citizens racked their brains to the meaning of this event. Some thought that Fungar-Hellan had been destroyed by his enemies. Others said that Fungar-Hellan had lured his enemies into the palace, and when they were in it, he had the castle locked and set on fire so that his enemies would be reduced to ashes; for such a strategy was typical of the smart general chief priest. Again others, who still had some knowledge of the ten fire prophets, suggested that perhaps another such fire prophet came down from the heights and was again performing destructive fire miracles to convert the priesthood who deviated from the old God.

293,3. Due to such opinions there were a lot of inquisitive researchers to the actual reason of this terrifying event; but the questioned guards were ordered to be silent, and so no one else who was not directly involved in the matter, learned anything.

293,4. But because of that, an actual uprising started among the citizenry of the city, who wanted to use force to find out what was behind this fire.

293,5. But Fungar-Hellan appeared at the head of a strong force and said to one of the main upper class citizens: "What is it you want to achieve with force through your tumultuous behavior? Withdraw orderly otherwise I’ll have you all thrown to the wolves! Am I not lord over my own house and can do with it what I want?! Why are you suddenly concerned why I have it burned down?! - Therefore withdraw immediately if you not want to find your own death in similar flames!"

293,6. This speech of the General had the most resolute effect. The whole uprising was settled, and during the course of the fire only very view onlookers could be seen.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-293 Chapter