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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-294 Chapter

Chapter 294

294,1. However, since Fungar-Hellan during the ten-day period of the fire stayed in the castle of the king and from there together with the king conducted his business, and this in the same room in which there were the two cage dwellers, it happened quite often that especially Agla besought him that he should free her from this most humiliating prison or at least kill her; because to languish in it was too unbearable.

294,2. And the General answered her always with the gentlest voice: "You're a really wonderfully beautiful little bird, - but still very bad and evil; therefore I will not kill you because you're so wonderfully beautiful. But because you're so bad and evil, I will keep you in this precious cage in a way how one keeps otherwise beautiful birds which are often also bad and evil, if they are free; but if they are in the cages, they are becoming quite gentle, tame and good. Who knows if this beautiful cage will not produce the same effect with you

294,3. See, when you were free in the most glorious life of the world, you thought of nothing but the destruction of people you could not stand! For I also was someone you could not stand, you have tried everything possible to take me away from this world; but the true God must have wanted it differently so that you, pretty little bird, did not succeed with your evil plans against me! And behold, I am still what I was; but you're no longer what you were, but, meanwhile, merely my dear, beautiful little bird!

294,4. Behold, I could now very easily have your beautiful head cut off, or tickle you with a poisoned needle a little on your beautiful, delicate body! But I'm not as bad and evil as you; therefore I will not do it and probably will never do it! But I can release you not sooner than I'll be completely convinced that you have became very gentle and tame!

294,5. But you should not have anything lacking in this beautiful summer-house! You should have enough to eat and to drink! For your necessities you have the small side cabinet which has to be cleaned three times daily and can be properly locked so that no bad smell can enter your your nostrils. Likewise, you also have a soft bed in it and a fairly comfortable comfy-bed. You can even walk around a little in this your small house. What do you want more? Therefore stay in it nice and quietly; you will have nothing lacking!

294,6. Drohuit is of course not as conveniently equipped as you are; but basically he also is not lacking anything!"

294,7. Whenever Agla asked the General to free her, as often she received the same answer and was secretly mightily annoyed thereat; but she hid her anger in order to deceive Fungar-Hellan. But Fungar-Hellan was now very careful and always listened to what the old Mahal advised him to do.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-294 Chapter