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Chapter 295

295,1. But when after ten days the fire of the priestly castle ended, Mahal said to Fungar-Hellan:

295,2. "Now send masons and carpenters to the already everywhere extinct conflagration, and have it searched for any valuables! Had them collected, also from your previous large dining-room and previous large living rooms!

295,3. All your gold and silver ware will be found in a molten state, - alone, this does not matter! Even as molten metal it must be collected carefully, not so much for its value, but rather an entirely different reason which you cannot understand for now, and which for the time being I can also not divulge to you; but follow my advice, and everything will go well!"

295,4. And Fungar-Hellan immediately followed the advice of Mahal and still on the same day sent a thousand masons and as many carpenters to the conflagration; and in ten days they found and accumulated more than twenty thousand quintals of molten gold and silver and in addition also an incredible amount of the most precious stones - such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds - and everything was naturally brought to the great royal castle.

295,5. Fungar-Hellan was mightily astonished over the great mass of salvaged treasures from the conflagration and said: "By the God of Mahal! I never would have believed that there is still so much of gold and silver and precious stones were left behind, since in the first three hours before the fire an immense amount has already been removed from the castle!"

295,6. And Mahal said: "But I tell you, send the workers back in again, and when clearing away the debris caused by the fire, they will still find the same amount!"

295,7. And he, namely Fungar-Hellan, sent the workers back in again to clear the rubble from the fire site; and behold, in the course of another ten days they found an almost even greater amount of fine ore in a molten state, and brought it to the royal castle, of which Fungar-Hellan was even more surprised.

295,8. And Mahal then said to him: "Now you can rebuild the castle because the walls are still in a good condition!"

295,9. And the General gave immediate instructions to the builders, and they began to work at once on the restoration of the castle.

295,10. But precisely on the same day a call went through the city, saying: "This is a futile effort!”

295,11. And no one knew where the call came from; and this call even made Mahal wondering, but even more so Fungar-Hellan.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-295 Chapter