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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-296 Chapter

Chapter 296

296,1. And Fungar-Hellan came quickly to Mahal and asked him, what was the meaning of this strange call.

296,2. And Mahal said: "Friend Fungar-Hellan! This call did not come from the lips of many people, but - believe me! - this is a call from the invisible mouth of God! And this call means the following: Not long from now on, God will send upon the world a judgement which has not seen its equal for as long as this earth is inhabited by people! - For that reason the rebuilding of your castle will be of little use.

296,3. Here Fungar-Hellan said quite incensed to Mahal: "But tell me for once, what the old, grumpy God wants! Are we humans not to His liking as He created us and as we are, He should make us differently, so that we then behave as it pleases Him!

296,4. But in all seriousness I have to confess to you, that your God, by continually threatening us with some kind of judgement, shows a high degree of weakness and reveals to us, His creatures, an imperfection of which indeed no honest person is conscious about! Even if He has created us as free beings, why is He then ensnaring us with certain laws which are against our nature more than death itself?

296,5. And if we impossibly can keep these laws because of various circumstances, or we make visual images of Him and His acting forces and let them be worshiped by the people, who have no conception of Him who never shows Himself to them, He immediately is at hand and begins with his old threat of a judgment, which He already has made to Kahin! Don’t you think this is quite silly of a God?!

296,6. If my government is not to His liking, He should come and show me how He wants I should govern, - and I will change it according to His desire! But for a century He says nothing as if He doesn’t exist or be asleep, or as if he would be totally satisfied with everything and everyone! Thereby, over the long course of time, a few things of His at sometime revealed will and its fulfillment are lost! But who is to blame for this, other than the Creator Himself, because He is not consistent at all times?!

296,7. Can he show Himself as a wise teacher to one nation, then why not to another?! Is the one nation then less created by Him than the other?! He then should come and create us differently or He should destroy us - but in an instant so that this to me highly annoying threatening of a judgement can come to an end; for verily now I'm already tired of all this!

296,8. You will say: Quite often the Lord has sent messengers to us! But I say: Such messengers are truly no honor for a God, because in the end they are weaker than we are, to whom they were sent!

296,9. Take for example your Waltar! Question: How can a wise God send such a prophet to a nation like us in Hanoch, to convert us?! Did he do not exceeded us all with his weakness by far, and yet he should have been a prophet, a teacher send to us by God with the power of God!

296,10. Tell me - how does this rhymes with your supposed to be old, almighty and most wise God?!

296,11. Mahal was quite confused by this speech, and did not know what to say to the General.

296,12. But the General began now quite seriously to insist on an answer from Mahal.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-296 Chapter