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Chapter 298

298,1. But when Fungar-Hellan had thought long about what he could do to appease the God of Adam, Seth and Enoch again and thus also his old Mahal, suddenly a powerful voice sounded in the large throne hall, where Fungar-Hellan, Mahal, then the king Gurat and a lot of the first ministers of the kingdom were present, and the voice said:

298,2. "Who really expresses repentance in his heart for his sins for the love of God, must not hesitate; for God is not like a human being unforgiving, but very forgiving!

298,3. Who approaches the Father with remorse and love, should not fear to receive forgiveness for his sins!

298,4. If the whole kingdom would be as of course only a few people are in Hanoch right now, God would certainly wait one thousand years for a full recovery; but go to your vassals, and go to the twelve other cities, and you will find atrocity over atrocity of which you never get any news!

298,5. You have indeed remitted all determined taxes for the people, and instead have introduced undetermined and so to speak voluntary taxes; but precisely this introduction gave all your vassals the opportunity to set up the undetermined taxes in such a manner, that now no-one is no longer protected for only an hour against a powerful manner of begging. And if he does not give such a beggar what he wants, he at once begins to make the subject the most terrible threats; and if the subject ignores this, the beggar then leaves swearing and cursing most appallingly.

298,6. And, behold, not a day goes by and all the curses to the subject are already carried out by omnipresent masked nature- and hell magicians! At this moment thousands of subjects are tortured in the most outrageous ways, and the next hour already awaits thousands more!

298,7. Should God under such circumstances still spare the human race and await its recovery?

298,8. Verily, hell is the eternal place of improvement for these devils in human skin!

298,9. Today, the Lord, God of heaven and earth, instructed Noah on the heights to build a correctly planned water ark and Noah has already began with the work!

298,10. Who of you wants to be saved, should do just repentance before God and should seek to also convert others to true repentance, and he will find grace, and God will guide him at the right time out of this land of perdition, so that he will not be judged together with the devils!

298,11. And you, Fungar, go out with your military force and destroy all pagan temples, if you care about the forgiveness of your great sin before God; but refrain from excessive cruelty! Amen.

298,12. This speech, as proceeding from the air of the room, filled all those present including Mahal with the greatest fearful astonishment; and Fungar-Hellan immediately ordered all his military commanders to mobilize within three days the great army.

298,13. And Mahal said to him that he would accompany him everywhere in the name of the Lord.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-298 Chapter