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Chapter 299

299,1. When the military commanders who witnessed themselves the extraordinary voice and speech in the great throne-room, had even more quickly and zealously hurried away to organize the army, Gurat stepped towards Fungar-Hellan and said to him:

299,2. "Friend and brother! You will now arrange the large army and will perhaps for years be absent from Hanoch, and I'll have to govern it alone! Oh, this will be a tough task for me! Don’t you want to leave me some of your most reliable officials, so that they can assist me to guide and overlook the great nation? For this is impossible for one person!"

299,3. And Fungar-Hellan said to the king: "Brother, see, you too count in your castle over ten thousand officials of high and low rank! Are they not enough for you? I tell you: Do not feed them for nothing, but drive them to work, and they will indeed do what you will command them to do!”

299,4. And Gurat replied: "Yes, you're right, if they had something in their heads; but this is where the problem lies!

299,5. You know, when we both were initially compelled, to secure our throne, to attract all the big players in the city and from the whole empire, to give them some shining rank at the court!

299,6. See, these people were earlier already very stupid, and for certain reasons we even have encouraged them in their stupidity, although we also understood to appreciate the brighter minds accordingly!

299,7. Should these fools by my side take the helm of the state! Friend, verily, this would soon be a government of which Satan himself would be disgusted!

299,8. For this very understandable reason you will probably easily realize that I need some capable officials during your absence!"

299,9. Here said Mahal to Fungar: "Thus give him one hundred good heads from your school; with whom he will manage during our absence!"

299,10. And Fungar-Hellan gave Gurat immediately one hundred senior priest from his school, who together with Gurat took the helm.

299,11. But there was still one question, namely: What should be done with Agla and Drohuit.

299,12. Here Mahal spoke again and said: "They stay as they are, until we return! Only in the event of illness or in the case of conspicuous improvement may one or the other be released from the cage; but no one is allowed to leave the room until we come back!

299,13. But above all, the two must soon be separated; even as cage dwellers, and this must still take place today before our very eyes! - Let it be done!”

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-299 Chapter