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Chapter 3

3,1. Only after a period of a quarter of a turn of a shadow (one turn of a shadow probably equals one hour - the editor) did the fathers and the others came to their senses again; but no one knew what to do now. Therefore they looked at each other quite puzzled and dumbfoundedly asked: “What is this; what happened to us, what have we done?" But upon all the muted questions no answer followed from anywhere!

3,2. But also the women from a distance noted that something important must have happened to the men, because they acted quite mysteriously and put their heads together. Therefore, not by their weakness, but rather their strong trait called curiosity all of them were driven towards the men to overhear what has taken place.

3,3. While walking one of them asked her neighbor: "What you think happened to the men?”

3,4. The neighbor replied with an important looking but nonetheless meaningless expression: "O sister! This must be something terribly extraordinary; it is definitely a miracle. If only someone could tell us what it is! "

3,5. Another said: "It surely is something about the very strange man"!

3,6. "Yes, yes," said a fourth, "the hideous person, as you know, went with the four false chastity girls into the hut all alone! Because he feared being seen by our moral eyes when carrying on with the four, he went into the hut! "

3,7. A fifth said: "You're right; there he's now much more relaxed and quite more comfortable too! At one stage I also told Lamech and Hored in passing - you know how it sometimes occurs: 'I do not want be a bad prophet, - but be very careful; because such a beautiful, young, hot blood does does not bode well!'

3,8. And now they have it, the wise men who always want to shut us, the experienced women, up!

3,9. No, it's just either hilarious or annoying! The magician from the south, of which I already heard quite some talk, snapped up those morning-pearls, as they have been called to lately!

3,10. And now they put their heads together out of sheer fear and jealousy and despite all their wisdom do not know not know what to do!

3,11. The strongest man among them he magically made him disappear, and they might not fare much better should they try to overpower him! "

3,12. A sixth added to it, saying: "Yes, you certainly are right; because I've seen and heard it when Enoch went to the magician to drive him away from the holy site! But the magician did not wanted to obey him! Enoch then sends Purista up, probably to soften up the magician to magically make him disappear from the spot in a counter move; only to fail and be embarrassed, Mr. Enoch! The magician then also bewitched at once the priestess Purista; she then is immediately all over the magician!"

3,13. Another neighbor came forward and corrected the speaker with the words: "Sister, I saw it better! Mr Enoch only wanted to send Purista up; but he hardly had spoken to her in this regard a few words and she was already bewitched, gave a cry - probably the moment when she was magically been attacked - and then ran of course quite nonsensical blindly to the magician and fell, according to his wish, into his arms!"

3,14. Here the previous speaker interrupted saying and remarked: 'Yes, yes, you're right; so it was. But what was it I wanted to say? - Yes, yes, now I know! Then the wise Mr Enoch sent out the strong Sehel! But when he tried to pull the magician down from the hill with his hands by force, he magically made him disappear completely - God knows where to, and now the oxen are standing in front of the mountain and with all their wisdom, to tell the truth, they do not know what to do!"

3,15. Another assiduous listener of this edifying remarks added quite scornfully with a laugh: "No, but I want to laugh at this on the top of my voice, when this quite attractive magician has swiped away those four morning-pearls, those dewy spring-roses from the everlasting red of dawn - and God knows of all the other beauties - from the wise masters! I think the men would pearl out and de-dew their eyes about this!"

3,16. Yet another added, saying: "When only now the Lord Jehovah could come as Purista has announced Him, I would like to see the small embarrassment of the wise men"!

3,17. Still another said: “O, we can be sure about that - the Lord will certainly stay away now for some time! Because He certainly will not attend such a scandal forever, except with a glowing punishing rod which would suite the magician, the four heavenly eyes and also the all-wise gentlemen, quite nicely!

3,18. The old, however otherwise very worthy mother Eva seems also quite grown to the men! One should never complain to her about a man, then this is the end! Just as before - it's a laugh - when Uranion’s wife complained to her, instead of a comforting justification, she was quite nicely rebuked! And we all had to swallow our righteous anger and keep silent like a mouse in front of a cat! No, whoever finds this right must have guzzled his wisdom from a God knows what source!"

3,19. Another still added to all of this: "What's wrong with the men? - O, I know the reason! They are all in love up to their ears! But the magician has now cancelled their plans; that is why they completely puzzled put their heads together!

3,20. Now, how long ago is it that the very old father Adam took the beautiful young Pura into his house and let himself be guided to the top of the hill by her - and it has even been noticed that he has kissed her!"

3,21. A neighbor added to this: "Well - well - this will be something new, since I have seen it with my own eyes! Not only kissed, but also cuddled, and who knows with what unexecutable thoughts! -Yes, the always right gentlemen; they can barely be trusted as long as one can see them!"

3,22. But one woman from the morning, who was the youngest sister of Aora, with an age of sixty years which was still very young for the time and still single -, walked to the midst and said: "Our talk seems to me just like shaking empty straw to get bread grains from it!

3,23. If it were up to me I would say that you only speak with the most burning jealousy, and that all of that which you accuse the men of, you are most guilty yourself, then to think such of the always wise men!

3,24. I dare to state most firmly that each one of us would have allowed ourselves to be bewitched by this magnificent man without the slightest demur if the man only wanted to enchant us.

3,25. But because the man has not done so for a good reason, but only has rejected you from the hill, he now also must be a vicious man! Oh, I think that's very natural!

3,26. He also motioned for me to come to him; if I hadn’t been so much afraid of you, I would have done the same as my niece Purista!

3,27. But now all fear has left me, and I know what I'm talking about, and I have not lost my senses. But remember this well, you otherwise high mothers and sisters: When the Lord Jehovah will come - if He not already has come - you will be in dire straits and who knows if the four pearls are not better off than we and all of those by you maligned gentlemen over there; for I have seen a shining brightness behind the man and who knows whether the man who has been scoffed by you is not the Lord Himself, - and if so what will happen to you!?"

3,28. Thereupon all the women fell silent, and a great fear came over them.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-3 Chapter