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Chapter 30

30,1. With the exception of Enoch, Lamech and Kisehel, all the others were quite startled by this answer of the Lord to Muthael; and did not know what to make of it and were therefore greatly embattled in their hearts; all the fathers of that time, to the great honor of their hearts, loved their wives very much and regarded them as the greatest gift from the heavens, and many even considered the good and virtuous women on a higher level and considerably closer to Me than themselves, and this was based on the very easily understandable reason, because the virgins as well as the women of that time were virtuous, gentle, patient, faithful, obedient, peaceful, homely and at the same time also of significantly greater feminine grace and beauty than those in the present, spiritually and physically totally rotten times.

30,2. It is therefore that this answer caused such deep disconcertment among all the fathers, and they therefore turned to Me and spoke in their hearts:

30,3. "O Lord, You most loving Father! Give us all to our reassurance, to your sublime response to Muthael, a greater light because in this light about our most chaste and best women, we can not be happy but only unhappy because after You they are our greatest possession for which we forever cannot thank You enough.

30,4. If, until now, the somewhat brusque-wise Muthael could not have learned to appreciate them, it doesn’t mean that the old glorious-good order, placed by You, o Father, into our hearts, has to suffer a shock! Quite to the contrary, the real female sense in women, is thereby, from our point of view, even more so advantageously and praiseworthy highlighted, because by the women holding firmly on to their virtues, the man must first be humbled, before he can be worthy of such a gift of grace from You, o dear Father!

30,5. If the man finds hardness in the woman it is most likely only his own; if he has softened this, he will surely only find the most glorious opposite in the woman!

30,6. O dear Father, let therefore our dear women, including us, be from above and not from below!"

30,7. And the Lord opened his mouth and said to the fathers: "You speak like still totally blind regarding My order!

30,8. If you do not know what in the spirit means above and below, why don’t you ask about it, instead you demand a light from Me where you do not need one and that I, for the sake of your foolish wish, should subvert My whole eternal order?!

30,9. Tell me: Is the woman thereby disadvantaged before Me, if I say about her that she in relation to the man is from below and thereby forms the most necessary counterpoint for the man, without neither the man by himself, nor the woman by herself could exist?!

30,10. What will you say, if I now say to you: In relation to Me, you are all from below and only I alone am from above!

30,11. Do I, however, thereby cease to be your Creator and sole, eternal holy Father?! Or did I not have you, Adam, created from the earth’s clay, like your wife, Eva, from your rib?!

30,12. However, since you all know, that the clay is My love and the rib is My grace and mercy, because My grace and mercy shelters your life in the same way as the life of the flesh is sheltered and preserved by its solid skeleton, then you must recognize yourself as super blind, if you therein find an inconsolable difference where you actually should only find a most consolatory!

30,13. Tell me, what is most praiseworthy: the bright sun itself, or its emanating light? What do you think should be regarded as higher?

30,14. And you say in yourself: ‘O Lord, there's one as necessary and good as the other!’

30,15. Well, I say; if the sun is to be regarded as the set height in itself, what is then the relationship of the emanating light to the sun?

30,16. You say: 'This must be necessarily somewhere under the sun'!

30,17. Well, I say; but if the sun does not have a higher value than its emanating light, since the sun without the emanating light would be virtually no sun at all and would also have no value, it surely will not harm the woman and not in the least reduces her value, if in relationship to the man it necessarily stands below him.

30,18. But I say: If the woman is, as she should be, she has before Me the value of a just man, and is just as much a beloved child of Me as the man; but if the woman gets lost, I'm going to look for her in just the same way as for the man.

30,19. An evil woman is just as bad, as there is bad an evil man; because the beam from the sun is like the sun itself.

30,20. However, there will come a time when I will collect the beam in the woman to light the extinct sun in the man!

30,21. Understand such, and for once let go of your old foolishness! Love your wives just, but do not make of them more or less as they have been made out of Me! It is sufficient if you regard them as your equal; everything more or less will be regarded a sin!

30,22. But who of you still has something, let him come and speak! Amen. "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-30 Chapter