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Chapter 301

301,1. When Agla was freed in this way, Gurat went to Fungar-Hellan and asked him if something similar should happen with Drohuit should he improve like Agla has improved.

301,2. But Fungar-Hellan said with a very firm voice: "No, Drohuit remains definitely in his cages, until I, or - should I die during the campaign - my successor returns!

301,3. But he should lack nothing; he should get to eat whatever he demands, and thus also to drink!

301,4. If he wants to have one or the other of his wives with him in the cages, it can be granted to him, - but such only under the indispensable condition that he talks nothing else with the wife who is with him at the time other than what one usually talks in bed with a women; or if he wants to talk better things, he can talk to his better wives about the old, true God, from which he together with all of us, have long since deviated miserably!

301,5. During the visits, and in general during visitations of one or the other of his wives, he must be always watched and overheard most strictly! And since Agla is now free, Drohuit can remain in this hall.

301,6. But I say to you; make notes for me of everything what he is going to do in his cage, so that I can use it for his future treatment either to his weal or woe! Should he perhaps even want to read books from our large collection of books, he should be satisfied in this respect too!

301,7. But now you also have for Drohuit the proper and just instruction! If you follow them closely, you will take good care of him, for you and for all of us; and that is certainly also the will of the only and true God!"

301,8. And Mahal said: "Amen, this is right and perfectly just and it will remain like that!”

301,9. When Gurat had heard this, he was glad; for Drohuit was indeed just the man, who through his cunningness had virtually torn the crown from the king’s head. He swore therefore to punctually follow all the instructions.

301,10. Very secretly Mahal also asked Agla, tempting her, if she was satisfied with such arrangements for Drohuit.

301,11. And Agla said: "Oh, Father, why are you still tempting your above all tried, unfortunate, poorest daughter further? Am I not unhappy enough for you, both in the world, as well as in my soul? In the world, I am the most despised and feared more than all snakes - and in my soul before God, the most depraved, because before God the blood of my brother continually cries for revenge on my soul!

301,12. O, no longer try me; no person on this earth was ever more unhappy than I am!' Even if you have forgiven me everything, my brother, whom I have had killed, will never forgive me; and God will also not forgive me such an act! Therefore I’m so endlessly unhappy! Therefore, father, do not tempt me, the most miserable, any longer!"

301,13. This speech of Agla aroused a great sensation, and Mahal himself regretted that he had put such a question to Agla. Therefore all began to comfort her and to strengthen and refresh her as much as possible.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-301 Chapter