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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-302 Chapter

Chapter 302

302,1. However, Drohuit who had heard the instructions with respect to himself, also wanted to free himself - but of course through an artificial weeping and wailing about himself and about his sins against Fungar-Hellan and against God.

302,2. But Fungar-Hellan said: "This bird’s singing is very well known to me; for this is not a natural song, but a learned! Since, one only knows all too well which birds can be trained to become art singers, it is not too difficult to guess when hearing such an artificial bird song, whether it is coming from a stare, a blackbird or a gold lark!

302,3. Thus I recognize also here at an instant the song of this bird, who is neither a star nor a Blackbird, much less a gold lark, but the more recognizable as a real death- and bird of prey who mimics the voice of small birds to lure them closer to his claws! But we are no longer fools and will not let us be tempted into some dense shrub by him!

302,4. Therefore, he may now be weeping and wailing as much as he wants, yet he will remain in his lattice home as it was formerly pronounced by me!

302,5. I can see well that this punishment is much too lenient for his sin, for he deserves to be killed a thousand times; only to the great Mahal, this true prophet of God, he owes it, that his sentence had been so endlessly mild!

302,6. Truly, if it were up to me, I would dictate to him on the spot another penalty! But here it all depends on the will of God, whom I have began to respect above all from today on; and as such this bird’s most lenient punishment has also been approved by me, because it has been indicated to me by the prophet of God! - And now nothing further about that!"

302,7. When Drohuit heard such words from the General, he stopped complaining and was no longer crying and no longer confessed any sins before the ears of the big company who were assembled in the hall, - which caused many to laugh because they recognized how Fungar-Hellan had accurately judged the cage convict.

302,8. But Agla was still dressed in royal garments and she went to Fungar-Hellan and said: "O you by me so deeply misunderstood, noble man! Behold, I as a greatest sinner before God, before you, before the king, before my father and before all the people, still have royal clothes on my most unworthy body! I beg you, to take them off me and to give me a most common haircloth robe, fitting a penitent sinner; for these shining clothes are burning my soul like a most powerful fire!"

302,9. But when Mahal including Fungar-Hellan heard this, he said to the General: "Brother, give her what she asks you for!”

302,10. And Fungar-Hellan at once complied with the advice of his Mahal.

302,11. And Agla went with her father to a side chamber and changed and then reappeared with her father dressed in a grey haircloth garb.

302,12. And Fungar-Hellan found great joy in such conversion of Agla; and also the rest of the company commended Agla for such an act.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-302 Chapter