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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-303 Chapter

Chapter 303

303,1. But after a while Mahal asked his greatly reconstituted daughter Agla what it was that she had done, which she now regard as her greatest sin before God and all the people - whether the commanded fratricide, or whether the murder with her own hands on the twenty-one women of Waltar, or finally the strong participation in the conspiracy against the power of the general high priest.

303,2. And Agla said: "O father, you know it best which of all my sins before God and the people is the largest; for to measure these things I do not know! But that I know that each of my committed sins had killed me before God in my spirit!

303,3. Oh, if I just not have committed them! Oh, if I'd rather have never seen the depths, I would have been before God still so pure and innocent as I always was on the heights! But now it has happened, and I can never undo what had happened! I therefore believe that it would now be on top of it all a great folly for me, to explore, which sins with regard to my conscience are the greatest!

303,4. I mean, before God every sin against His holy order is equally bad and its effect is the same, namely bringing eternal death to the spirit of man! But once man is completely dead in the spirit, as it is certainly with me now the case, I really do not know what sin has killed me the most; for I believe that it doesn’t matter whether one is more or less dead, for total death, can in my opinion, not become even more dead!

303,5. Behold, I have given the command to kill my brother, and this has killed my spirit completely! After that Agla was no longer alive; only her physical powers functioned out of the death of her spirit, and as such each of her actions had to be an atrocity before God and before all spiritually living people! How else could they be different? For death can only produce death!

303,6. Thus my subsequent actions are now less oppressive for my conscience, because they are a consequence of the first act! Oh, if I only never had committed the first offense against the divine order, all others would not have happened!

303,7. At the first step down into the depths, I should have turned back at once, - and I still would have been as I was from my birth, and all would still alive, whom I've killed! But now it is too late, and I have nothing left than regret about my first step down to the depths!"

303,8. Thereupon the speaker began to cry and bitterly accused herself.

303,9. But Mahal said: "Oh, great God, I thank You with all my strength, that You have allowed me to find this my daughter who was lost!

303,10. Agla, come back to the chest of your father; because now I have recognized my daughter again in you! But turn in your heart to God, and you will again find grace before Him, the good, holy Father!"

303,11. Here, Agla hurried to the chest of Mahal and relieved her heart with many tears, which she dropped on the faithful chest of the father.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-303 Chapter