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Chapter 304

304,1. However, they were joined by Fungar-Hellan where Agla was still crying at the chest of her old father, and Fungar said to her: “Agla - verily, thus I like you better than in the royal dress which soon would have made a perfect servant of hell out of you! Henceforth stay in this disposition and you will certainly be more pleasing to God and also to me, than you were ever in all your royal splendor; for also I confess here publicly that I will not only here with you but also with me and everybody else, become a declared enemy of all gloss and remain as such for the rest of my life!

304,2. Who from now on wants to be my friend, let him distance himself from everything shining, and walk in simple clothes and I will look at him as a person who is concerned about the true welfare of the people as it is important to myself!

304,3. The gold and silver should be turned into useful coins with the portrait of the king and me! Thus it will be beneficial to all the people; but if we sew it onto our clothes making it thereby often so heavy that it almost drags us to the ground, of what benefit is this to us and what use to the people, and what service do we thereby show God, the old Lord of all glory?

304,4. Truly, for as long as we cannot decorate our garments with real stars of the heavens and our chest with the real sun to the glory of Him who has created us, for as long shall all other false jewelry remain far away from us! For who does not shines out of himself like the sun and like the stars of heaven, is only a light-thief and flaunts only so long with the stolen light, as the great holy light shines in the sky with its light from God; but if this went down, then the by us so highly cherished light thieves are becoming the vilest dirt and mildew and are equally dark!

304,5. However, everything usefully applied, is certainly pleasing to God because He created it for human benefit; but if we use these things to very foolish, arrogant, absurd purposes, for which they have been certainly not created, then such use must be necessarily an abomination before God, because God is surely the eternal sacred order Himself! - Thus away with all the shimmering dirt off our robes, here and in all other countries!”

304,6. Here Fungar-Hellan took off all jewelery on himself, and he was followed by the king and all the other high officials; and all gold and silver was brought to the mint and coined into viable coins.

304,7. Thereupon Mahal praised Fungar-Hellan exceedingly and said: "Fungar-Hellan, it seems to me as if the spirit of the Lord has taken hold of you already, verily, I believe to have heard the old Enoch speaking through you! For behold, such wisdom does otherwise not dwell in man!"

304,8. Thereupon Mahal thanked God that He was so merciful to this man; and all were astonished at the wisdom of Fungar-Hellan.

304,9. And the senior priests said: "Only now you're fully worthy to be our general!”

304,10. And all added a loud Amen to this.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-304 Chapter