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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-305 Chapter

Chapter 305

305,1. In this disposition of their hearts the three days passed, during which time the top colonels organized the soldiers and had to prepare them for the coming campaign.

305,2. In the evening of the third day, the first field colonels came to the royal castle and indicated to Fungar-Hellan that now already an army of two million soldiers was camping outside of the city on the large training grounds and were well equipped for any military purpose, and waited for further higher commands.

305,3. And Fungar-Hellan said to these first field colonels: "Thus go and give the following command: Three hours before dawn we move out and the whole army will first move to the temple of the god of ore and forge! There the workers will move forward and at once destroy everything which only slightly resembles an idol and of course especially the main temple!

305,4. Should the miners and the priests of this temple want to prevent the workers from executing their commanded work, then at once a powerful division of soldiers should be present to drive the priest and miners with sharp force to obedience and all stubborn hardliners have to taste sword at once!

305,5. Should, however, the priest and miners agree to the destruction of the temple and all idolatry without resistance, they then should be immediately brought to my tent, so that they may receive instructions from me, what they should henceforth do and teach, and how they will be provided for.

305,6. The main force, however, must everywhere and always encircle the temple with three circles and take care that nobody can flee beforehand from any of the temples!

305,7. All the gold and silver at the temples must be collected and then brought to me, and I will take a large number of minters along and will immediately turn all the gold and silver into viable coins, with which firstly the army is remunerated through which then such money is distributed to the people.

305,8. Let it be done! This, I command, Fungar-Hellan and king Gurat!"

305,9. After this given command the first field colonels withdrew again and gave the orders of the general high priest and also the king, to the great army.

305,10. But Gurat had immediately one thousand camels prepared and selected a thousand minters who had to take their tools and accompany the army, and had another seven hundred camels prepared for Fungar-Hellan and all his entourage.

305,11. And the next day three hours before sunrise all were already on their feet; the camels were mounted, and the mighty procession joined the main army.

305,12. What further - the following will show!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-305 Chapter