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Chapter 306

306,1. But before the large court entourage could join the great army, the biggest part of the same was already on their way to the not very far from Hanoch located temple of forge of God, which, as already known, was built in honor of Thubalkain, the inventor of processing metals.

306,2. When the vanguard arrived at the strong bulwark of the temple, they stopped and demanded from the gatekeepers immediate access.

306,3. But they replied: "At this time no one is admitted into the garden of the sanctuary; only a most crafty perpetrator may require such impetuously! What do you want so early in these sacred walls?"

306,4. And the great vanguard answered sarcastically: "We want nothing more and nothing less than to destroy this same sanctuary and these sacred walls from the ground up for all times of times according to the commandment of Fungar-Hellan, and to beat to death a little or kill those who oppose our mission - or whatever you prefer! Therefore do not create any problems; for behind us marches an army of two million soldiers!

306,5. When the gatekeepers heard such, they responded with much softer language: "Yes, if this is the case then we have to inform the high priest of the temple so that he can worthily receive you as emissaries of the great, almighty Fungar-Hellan!"

306,6. But the vanguard said: "The high priest must not be informed before the temple is completely destroyed; therefore just open the gate, otherwise we will open it by force!"

306,7. When the gatekeepers heard such talk, they shouted: "O you infamous rogues, you outcasts of hell! That is thus your plan? You only want to rob and steal the sanctuaries of the temple! The beautiful gold and silver you want! O just wait a little; you will be spared this effort! We will immediately tell the high priest about these mutineers, and their path will be shortened in a way which until now no devil has ever dreamed about!"

306,8. And immediately a few gatekeepers ran off to the high priest and informed him accordingly.

306,9. But the high priest became more angry than a tiger, engaged his whole army and at once began to put all his hellish fire arts in the most energetic action.

306,10. The mountains began to spray fire on various locations; the whole temple soon began to glow and from the large garden wall fire was spraying everywhere, and all this was accomplished in one hour.

306,11. When the vanguard saw such raging fires, they retreated back to the great army, who also halted, because they, too, did not dare to invade this true sea of fire.

306,12. But in the meantime, also the court’s entourage reached the army, and Fungar-Hellan himself was surprised about this fire spectacle around the temple of Thubalkain.

306,13. But Mahal said to him: "Let them keep on producing their fireworks for only one day; but tomorrow we will begin our productions!"

306,14. And Fungar-Hellan immediately issued such as a command to the whole army; and everybody looked at this hullabaloo for an entire day.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-306 Chapter