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Chapter 307

307,1. The next morning, however, when the fire revolutions had already completely subsided towards the evening of the previous day, Fungar-Hellan himself, accompanied by his entourage, went to the big, metal gate and demanded access.

307,2. But since it was still very early, he was as unrecognized rejected, with the words: "At night every fool can say: 'I am the general chief priest Fungar-Hellan and demanded instantaneous access!'; but if you are the great Fungar-Hellan, then come during the day, and we will open the gates for you, once we have positively recognize you!"

307,3. And Fungar said: "Good; thus I swear to you on my life - if I will enter here during the the day - all of you together with the chief priest and under priests will be killed by the sword! For you delay me to do what the old God of Adam, Seth and Enoch has commanded me to do; therefore it will bring you all certain death!"

307,4. And the guards of the gate said and shouted: "Such terror threats we know already! Therefore, just leave; because you will also not be allowed to enter during the day - and even if you were Fungar-Hellan - you will never admitted, even if you waited here for years to get in!”

307,5. This reply made Fungar-Hellan angry in his whole being. He withdrew to the army and immediately ordered the miners to dig six shafts from ten paces in front of the curtain wall to under the wall, and then put large bags full of the strongest explosive grains under the wall and then light them by means of the running fire on a burning thread which burns safely and does not extinguishes until it has done its duty.

307,6. On this command immediately six hundred miners started their work, measured the distance accurately and opened the earth; and when the sun rose, each section was already underneath the wall. Thereupon the explosive grain sacks were placed inside the shafts and the fire threads were laid and ignited; and in a few minutes after a terrible explosion, a large part of the wall was spread in ruins over the area, and for the army a wide gate was opened.

307,7. But when the priests and the their numerous servants of this temple saw this terrible attack on their sacred wall, they fled into the mountains, but ran straight into the hands of the guards of Fungar-Hellans, where they were immediately arrested and brought before the General.

307,8. He secretly asked Mahal, what he should do with these rebels.

307,9. And Mahal said: "They are all of a purely infernal nature; therefore stay with your threat, and let them all cut to pieces!"

307,10. And immediately Fungar-Hellan commanded a division of soldiers for the task and at once they started to cut down the prisoners, whose number was around five thousand strong; and not one was spared.

307,11. When this operation was completed, only then did they started with the destruction of the temple and on the coinage of the gold and silver which was found there; and all this lasted only three days.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-307 Chapter