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Chapter 308

308,1. When, after this operation of destruction, the news about it spread to the scattered mine sites, the miners became horrified and immediately sent deputies to the camp of Fungar-Hellan and with the proper honors asked him what was the meaning of this horrible incident.

308,2. And Fungar-Hellan taught them the true God and revealed to them that all the idolatry must be destroyed now, since otherwise the old, true God will inevitably let His threatened judgement from ancient times, come over all the creatures of the earth, because all idolatry before Him, the eternally only true God, is an abomination of all abominations.

308,3. And when Fungar-Hellan himself had explained such to the representatives, then also Mahal admonished these same representatives to return to God, and how they should also under the severest threat inform the miners about the inevitable judgement, but also to faithfully tell them, how they can find mercy before God again, should they return to Him, and how He will save them from the coming judgement.

308,4. With such instructions the representatives returned and faithfully informed their masters accordingly.

308,5. They, however, began swearing and scold violently thereat, saying: "Now then, just look at the whims of the elite! Every other year they give other laws and other gods! What must have cost the king the construction of all these temples; what was the fuss in the whole, great empire and all the miracle noise from all sides?!

308,6. Now that everything exists for nearly ten years - they already abandon it because it most likely yields them not enough, and the elite cannot do without the gold and silver which has accumulated in this space of time in the temples any longer!

308,7. Now its the old, futile God’s turn again for He does not need temples and also no money, and this for the reason that He exists nowhere and is nothing! Yes, He does not even need in the very least a costly picture of Himself because He is nothing, but only needs to be thought of as a God from thin air!

308,8. Just wait, this year the temple will be destroyed and the old thought-God reintroduced; but next year the tax messengers will reappear and in the name of the king demand a substantial tribute!

308,9. It is a real devil’s life in this world! Can these big loafers on earth not consume their best roast in a continuing peace and order?! Must there always be some kind of scheming going on?!

308,10. The moment we have some quietness, then all of a sudden from somewhere a hungry scammer of a prophet appears, equipped with some magic tricks and some smooth-faced whores! And this guy then begins haphazardly quite boldly to play a tune for the big fools and these donkeys at once start dancing accordingly!

308,11. But now they can eat the dirt from our assholes! We will not be their fools anymore! And even more so are we shitting on the vain old God’s threatened judgement!

308,12. We therefore will remain what we are! And who does not want to join us, can join whoever he wants, and we will not interfere with him; he only should move to those whom he has joined!"

308,13. This decision was the fruit of the promulgation of the true God with the many industrialists.

308,14. The fruits of the next operation will be shown in the following.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-308 Chapter