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Chapter 309

309,1. But when Fungar-Hellan had the representatives of the industrialists dismissed, who - as already said - were not successful on their return, he at once gave the command to the entire army to get ready and move to the area in the quite distant mountains, where the temple of the great bull was located, and to proceed there in just the same manner as it was the case with the temple of the god of ore and forging.

309,2. Soon the whole great army got moving and moved in two-hundred long columns, of which each counted ten thousand men, not counting the strong entourage of the court. In three days, the whole army made halt in an open area about five hours away from the temple, and waited there for new instructions.

309,3. When Fungar arrived with his suite, he had a large tent erected and made this his base camp. And when the colonels came to him to receive the more detailed instructions, Fungar-Hellan said to them:

309,4. "Did I not say before the march to here, to proceed here in the same manner as was the case with the temple of the ore- and forging god?! Why then should there be given more detail instruction?! You know where the temple is standing, and you know the pretty high-altitude mountain gorge, in which the temple is built.

309,5. Thus surround them in three large circles, and some then go to the temple itself and destroy the same from the bottom up, collect the gold and silver, and take all priests and other temple servants prisoner and bring them all here to me and it will then emerge what we have to do next! - Therein lies the whole command; thus go and execute it!"

309,6. And the colonels went and conveyed such a command to the army, and they in turn got ready to carry out the instructions.

309,7. Within ten hours the temple was surrounded, and the large demolition division went to the temple and demanded to be admitted.

309,8. Since they arrived so late at night, they were denied access.

309,9. The commanding officer, however, said to the gatekeeper: "If you do not open the gate immediately, no one of you will get away alive!”

309,10. Here the priests arrived and asked for the reason of admittance at such an unusual time.

309,11. And the commander clearly explained the reason.

309,12. But this unleashed a fury among the one thousand men strong inhabitants of this temple. They immediately climbed on top of the curtain wall and began throwing stones on those who demanded admittance.

309,13. They, however retreated and began to lay mines at once. Within a few hours the shafts were dug and loaded with the explosive grains and before the morning dawned, the whole semi-circular wall was destroyed.

309,14. The army then penetrated into the courtyard, destroyed the temple and took all the priests and all their treasures into custody.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-309 Chapter