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Chapter 310

310,1. After the total destruction of this temple, the priests and other servants of this temple were brought before the tabernacle of Fungar-Hellan by the returning military force and its entourage, and when the carriers of the acquired treasure of gold and silver had handed it to the minters, only then did the General began his sharp interrogation and examination of the prisoners and said to them:

310,2. "Who was the builder of this temple? Was it not I? - But if I am the builder and the owner of such a temple, do I not have always the full right to destroy such my property whenever I want?!

310,3. But if I incontrovertibly have such a right, I ask you: For what reason and by what presentable right did you oppose my given instructions and have attacked my deputies with stones and thereby have thus killed ten people and several more or less seriously wounded?"

310,4. And the the prisoner said: "Lord, if we had seen you, we would have believed that such a command was issued from your mouth; but since we did not see you among the warriors and also did not hear your quite well discernible voice, we thought that the pronouncement of your name was just a shameful war strategy of some foreign power which attacked us in mutinous and predatory manner to get hold of your gold and silver which we have collected for your chambers.

310,5. Likewise, we were also not able to distinguish at nighttime the markings and armor whether it belonged to Hanoch or if from somewhere else. That is why we then took to the stones and defended your property in any which way it was possible for us! And we believe that we have not made us liable to prosecution before you; for a faithful servant of his master should always be worthy of a reward rather than a penalty!"

310,6. When Fungar-Hellan heard such clever excuse from the prisoners, he said to them: “Good; since you have done this out of loyalty to me, you should also receive the reward than the punishment! You are now free; go from here now, and for three days do your best! After this time come back to me so that I may confirm your cause, and give you a new office!"

310,7. Thereupon they were all released and allowed to go wherever they wanted; and with the sign of freedom from the General they immediately returned to the mountains.

310,8. But Fungar-Hellan at once sent his finest spies after them who had to watch the freed men very closely.

310,9. What further - the following will show!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-310 Chapter