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Chapter 311

311,1. But where did the freed men went? - They went straight to the point where the former temple was standing. When they arrived there they went to a rock wall, into which a very misshaped hole was dug, which was large enough for one person to enter if he bended down a little.

311,2. All who were freed finally disappeared in this hole and our fine spies waited here until nighttime to see what finally might emerge from this hole again; however, neither a man nor any other animal could be seen.

311,3. In the evening they therefore called the following numerous guards and had them strictly guard the hole from a certain distance, and every watchman had to watch the hole very closely whether someone would come out of it; However, this was a wasted effort for all three days; for from all of those who entered not one soul came out again.

311,4. After three days some of the spies returned, and informed Fungar-Hellan about it. He instead became wide eyed and did not know what he should make of it.

311,5. But not an hour went by and all the freed men came quite safely back.

311,6. Now the spies made big eyes and were filled with anger thereat that they were mightily fooled by these ox priests.

311,7. But Fungar gave the spies a secret sign to go and bring the left behind spies and guards by courier to him.

311,8. Immediately the best sprinters were called and sent to the still watch keeping guards with the instructions that they should return.

311,9. After seven hours all were gathered in front of the General’s tent and he emerged and spoke to the freed men:

311,10. "You have came back here at the specified time; but that is not enough for me to give you a new office! You also have to tell me faithfully where you were during those three days, and what you have done there; for only then I will clearly recognize whether you, three days ago when my soldiers requested admittance in the evening, have attacked them with stones out of true, great loyalty to me! Therefore speak now and be mindful that every lie will bring you certain death!"

311,11. But the threatened said: "Didn’t you give us a three-day free time? How can you now demand accountability from us? Where we not allowed to do what we wanted?"

311,12. But the General said: "It is through this freedom I've been trying you; and that was necessary in order to entrust a new important office to you! That is why after this school the main test follows, in which you either will survive or may fall forever! Therefore answer me at once my earlier put question to you without demur - otherwise I will at once have ten thousand swords play over your heads!"

311,13. Here the threatened were taken aback considerably and one said: "Lord, if you then have to know everything, then know, that we practiced hard penance in these three days, to reconcile us with ourselves, for our ignorance by which you have been so severely offended!"

311,14. Here, the General could hardly suppress his laughter and said: "Ah, that is worth listening to! But where is the sacred place of your repentance, so that I myself go there and build a great monument for such your loyalty to me?”

311,15. Here, the false penitents were already biting their lips and only one said: "O lord, this is a very horrible gruesome cave in the mountains, and is a poor locality for any memorial; thus do not demand this from us!"

311,16. And Fungar-Hellan said: “Oh, that doesn’t matter; we will make the gruesome place beautiful! Therefore, let us go to the sacred place immediately!"

311,17. Here the penitents became pale and had to make the very hot journey.

311,18. What next, the following!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-311 Chapter