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Chapter 312

312,1. When the whole procession with the penitents, the spies, the guards and Fungar-Hellan himself with his entourage reached the place where earlier the temple stood, and where in a small distance from it the known hole in the rock face was located, the chief spy came to Fungar and said:

312,2. "Lord, lord, behold, here is the hole that I told you about; in this hole the men who were freed by you disappeared and never reappeared again!"

312,3. When Fungar received this hint, he turned to his Mahal and asked him if he did not wanted to describe the nature of this cave and the story behind it more closely to him.

312,4. And Mahal said: "O friend, nothing easier than that! See, firstly, this is not a hole made by nature, but it was made by human hands through this not too very hard stone mass, and this by means of a chisel, of which the traces can still be seen all too well!

312,5. But because it is a work of man, it is secondly certainly not the entrance to an underground, by nature formed mountain hall, but it is either a passage to a mountain land surrounded by rocky mountains, or it is the entrance to one or more underground, artificially made shafts by human hands, where these hard-penitents have probably still stashed some serious lumps of gold!

312,6. It is certainly one of these two alternatives, perhaps both, - which it has to be since the hard-penitents who disappeared into this hole, came along another route to you!

312,7. It now depends on the investigation on your part! But first question the hard-penitents about it! Will they confess the truth to you before the examination, then spare there life after the successful investigation; but if they will lie to you in advance, then kill them by immuring them in this their work of hell!"

312,8. After these words of Mahal Fungar-Hellan immediately turned to the hard-penitents and asked them, who had heard nothing of the revelation by Mahal, what was inside this hole in which they disappeared for three days.

312,9. And the hard-penitents said: "O lord, this hole is nothing but a sad entrance to a dirty penitents cave which has an even narrower exit to an even more desolate rocky area in which nothing grows but wild berries, which serve the penitent as a meagre food!

312,10. From this area one can reach the plains again via a very arduous path on which one has to combat a thousand life dangers! And this path we used today, so that our repentance is perfect!

312,11. Lord, lord! You can investigate this hole closer yourself, and if you're going to find it otherwise, then you can do what you want with us!"

312,12. And the General convened at once the miners and said to them: "Take at once ten thousand torches and we will start an investigation of this hole immediately!"

312,13. And the miners went and at once fulfilled the general's command.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-312 Chapter