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Chapter 313

313,1. When the ten thousand torches were collected, Fungar-Hellan summoned thousand of the strongest and upright men, gave each ten torches and said to them:

313,2. "Attach the shaft guide rope here, then ignite each one of you a torch, and climb with great caution and circumspection in this hole!

313,3. Examine everything most accurately, do not pass one side shaft unsearched, and should on the walls show any traces of an artificial blockage of any side shaft, - what should be clearly visible by the light of a thousand white flaming torches -, then break through and let no small matter become unworthy of your examination!

313,4. If you have examined everything very closely then come back and inform me accordingly, so that I can convince myself of everything and reward you richly and these hard-penitences according to the best advice! Thus go and execute my command!"

313,5. Upon this command the thousand miners started with their work and did everything most carefully as they were instructed. But in the beginning of this investigation they seriously found nothing else than what the hard-penitences had testified: namely first a narrow, low and by two-hundred fathoms long passage which snaked through various curvatures and ended in a rather spacious chamber, which probably could hold two thousand people.

313,6. The walls of this chamber were solid, black rocks on all sides and had only one exit on the opposite side, which was an equally narrow opening, as there was the first one; and through this second opening they soon came to a barren, rocky area in which there really seemed nothing else than some wild berry bushes.

313,7. After the miners examined everything and found nothing that could arouse their suspicion, they returned and informed the General accordingly.

313,8. But he said: "No, no I can not believe it that the hard-penitents are so honest! Give me a torch and the thousand miners to follow me along the shaft guide rope, and I will convince myself of everything!”

313,9. Here, the General took a torch and went together with the miners into the cave and soon came into the chamber where he carefully investigated the walls and found nothing suspicious than the very same black color.

313,10. And he therefore said to the miners: "This color seems to have its reason! These walls are solid everywhere; but I find this chamber is very high! Therefore bring me a good ladder and we will also examine the higher parts of this stone wall!"

313,11. Thereupon a pit ladder was brought in at once, and the upper wall parts were examined and to the astonishment of all at an altitude of three fathoms a quite spacious opening was discovered and one could hear like from far away the voices of many people.

313,12. And Fungar-Hellan said: "Let us quickly go back; for a longer stay could be dangerous for us here! But I now have what I really wanted; from here the hard-penitents will be our guides!"

313,13. Thereupon all left this artificial grotto in a great hurry.

313,14. And when Fungar returned quite safely, he at once called the hard-penitents to him and asked them to provide further details about the high opening in the rock wall of the chamber.

313,15. The hard-penitents began to falter and one spoke in his fear: "Now all is lost!”

313,16. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-313 Chapter