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Chapter 314

314,1. But when Fungar-Hellan recognized how his question had produced a really powerful precipitating effect with the hard-penitents, and when he also heard the involuntary ‘We are lost’, he said to Mahal:

314,2. "Listen, my most valuable brother and friend! I think we should make here with these thousand hard-penitents a very short process! Their guilt is as good as proven; what do we need more?

314,3. I have these wretches cut down immediately; I then have two hundred sacks of blasting grains stuck in this artificial cave and ignited, so that the whole mass will be destroyed and in this way we will get the quickest to the bottom of the secrets of these main rascals! What do you think, am I right or not right?"

314,4. And Mahal said: "Dear friend, you're right; but as long as we can solve the matter without bloodshed, we leave the sword in its sheath and act without it! But the grotto have definitely destroyed as you suggested; there you will come across quite some secrets that will be of considerable great importance!"

314,5. When Fungar-Hellan heard this from Mahal, he himself commanded at once the miners; and they carried at once two hundred sacks of the strongest acting blasting grains that they had, into the black chamber, put the fire threads in place, and when everyone had withdrawn to a safe distance, ignited them, and then retreated to a safe distance as well. Why? That will be clear without explanation.

314,6. Within a small half an hour the running fire reached the sacks; an everything deafening bang took place and a whole mountain was laying around in ruins.

314,7. After the explosion, a new investigation was launched but nothing of particular interest could be found under the mountain rubble. Some gold nuggets and multiple torn people was all they could find.

314,8. After such investigation lasting for three days the General had the hard-penitents summoned again and said to them: "Truly, I still want to spare your life and give you your freedom, if you tell me the reason why you continually have acted as impostors against me, while I always have given you so many advantages! Why have you made this cave and why the gold hidden in it?"

314,9. Here, one stepped forward and said: "Lord, lord, this we did out of excessive fear for you! Because for quite some time already we had a strong notion that you may soon do something like that; and therefore we wanted to provide for ourselves for the future when our office would come to an end and we would be left without any income.

314,10. See, this is already the whole reason for this artificial grotto! But the men you heard speaking from the suspicious high opening, were our brothers! They now lie buried; I wish we were there with them already! Now you know everything; just remember that we are also human beings!"

314,11. When the General heard this, he kept his promise, he spared their life and gave them their freedom.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-314 Chapter