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Chapter 315

315,1. Fungar-Hellan, after assigning the thousand hard-penitents to the army, ordered the whole army to ready itself to march onward.

315,2. When in the course of one day and one night the whole army was assembled and ready to march again, Fungar-Hellan directed them to move towards the temple of the sun, whose capture and destruction, however, did not provided something noteworthy, since its priests soon surrendered and even cooperated with the destruction of the temple; they only requested to keep the large concave mirror for other scientific purposes, which they in the course of ten years learned during sacrificial rituals, - which was readily granted to them by Fungar-Hellan, since he himself was a great friend of all kinds of arts and sciences.

315,3. After a three-day stay, which the army needed to rest and the General used for coinage of the looted gold and silver, the army moved out again, and according to the orders of the General marched towards the temple of the fire god, whose conquest and destruction was of course somewhat more problematic, since its priesthood had greatly increased and spread in all directions; because nearby any fire spitting mountain a side temple of this god was built, where during festivals, the fire arts were produced in exchange for rich sacrifices.

315,4. And as such the destruction of this temple with all its extensions took longer and was at various points subjected to different degrees of difficulties than the former. In all it lasted for almost forty days and was accomplished mostly without bloodshed - except for a single side temple which was built on a steep cliff, to which its priests stubbornly held on to because of their superior position and thus did not wanted to listen to the invitation to surrender. Here the large rock was from all sides undermined and blown up, which of course cost all the stubborn priests their downfall.

315,5. After the destruction of this temple and after finishing the gold and silver coinage, which here amounted to more than two million pounds, which required two thousand camels to transport, the army got ready to march towards the temple of the wind god, which god, however, caused Fungar quite some daunting obstacles until it could be conquered. For firstly the priests had always kept the lake fully swollen through gigantic sluices on its four drainage points. If something hostile approached from one or the other side, the floodgates were opened, and a huge mass of water rushed furiously over the enemies on every possible access point to this temple. And secondly, the priests were also fully knowledgeable of all electrical manipulations, by which means their area was made almost inaccessible.

315,6. And as such Fungar-Hellan had to carry on here for half a year, until he was able to seize this temple.

315,7. After the destruction of this temple the army moved towards the temple of the water god. - Henceforth something more about the conquest of this temple!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-315 Chapter