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Chapter 316

316,1. When the whole, large army reached the lake after a multi-day march, they camped along the wide stretched shores of the lake in which the island was located in the centre on which the temple of the water god was built.

316,2. Only after a three-day rest did Fungar-Hellan gave the detailed instructions for the attack on this by nature so extremely well fortified temple and village.

316,3. Initially Fungar wanted to encircle the whole many miles long circumference of the lake with a single line of warriors; but he soon encountered invincible terrain difficulties which made such a plan unfeasible. For the lake ended in some places with widely stretched rugged rock faces; in other places the lake got lost lost in incalculable wide stretched swamps and marshes.

316,4. Since such a plan had to be necessarily abandoned, another was devised whereby Fungar-Hellan in the course of six weeks had twenty thousand barges built of which each could comfortably carry one hundred men. The barges were made from the finest cedar trees, of which every trunk was twelve fathoms long, so that each barge had the same length and a width of six fathoms.

316,5. When these barges were completed including the necessary oars, railings, benches, iron stoves and food containers and other small magazines for all kinds of war equipment, they were manned and commanded to encircle the whole island and to pay strict attention that no one is leaving the island, nor anyone nearing the island.

316,6. Should, however, the besiegers being asked by the beleaguered islanders what this means, then they should quite flatly proclaim the will of the General and say: "If you necessarily submit yourselves to the will of the General, you will become his friends; but on the contrary, you are his greatest enemies, who will be destroyed with the sword!"

316,7. Provided with such instructions, the men on the barges sailed to the fairly distant lying island and besieged it with the barges entirely so that no one could get on neither off the island.

316,8. But the siege lasted not longer than a single day, when the priests already learned what was going on. They thus immediately sent a delegation to the besiegers and asked them that they (the priests) indeed wanted to comply with the will of the great Fungar-Hellan at once, otherwise the water god could easily become angry.

316,9. When the besiegers heard such message from the delegation they were very pleased, and immediately ten thousand men drove to the island and went ashore. But when they came to the place where the temple was standing, they found no trace of a temple, but everywhere only ordinary country houses in which lived very ordinary farmers.

316,10. When the ten thousand realized this by painstakingly searching the whole island, they said: "What should we do now? Here is nothing to destroy; therefore let us return now and inform the General about everything!"

316,11. Said and done; and when Fungar learned this, he was highly astonished and did not know what he should do.

316,12. Henceforth more!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-316 Chapter