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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-317 Chapter

Chapter 317

317,1. Since, however, Fungar-Hellan could not see and understand how on this to him well known island no trace of any temple could be found, when he himself with king Gurat visited the island a few years ago and thus had convinced himself of the existence of the temple, he turned to Mahal and asked him if he could tell him what it was with the non-existent nature of this temple.

317,2. And Mahal said: "How can you assume that these very clever priests heard nothing of the destruction of the other idol temples?!

317,3. See, they already received news about the destruction of the temple for the god of the forge! They immediately used it to dismantle everything of idol devotion and transformed this idol island into a nice habitable land, built houses and distributed the land, gold and silver and the beauty goddesses, who had taken refuge here recently on a certain occasion, among themselves and now live for more than a year in such a new arrangement, worldly speaking quite happily.

317,4. But they are totally dead in a spiritual sense; because they know not a single syllable of a true, eternal God! Therefore we should not focus here on a materially existing idolatry, but rather on the destruction of the most spiritual darkness which is at home on this rather rich and beautiful island!

317,5. For behold, these priests, since they are now not allowed to have a temple anymore, are now praying to the water of the lake and praise the fountains with the most sublime, but at the same time also exceedingly mendacious exclamations and implement schools and preach the authority and power and eternal honor of the water, and present it as the true, living holy nature of God, wherein the fullness of life dwells; in short, I tell you, these priests teach the divinity of the water in such a way that you yourself have to be careful not to become thoroughly convinced of such teaching!

317,6. Therefore, it is here necessary to instruct these priests of something better, otherwise all human spirit is in danger, to pass into the water of these priests!"

317,7. When Fungar-Hellan heard this, he requested to go himself to the island and to take all the priests in his school.

317,8. But Mahal said: "Friend, in this way you will achieve very little; but we have a speaker here, namely my daughter Agla, and a speaker, and this is my son Kisarel (previously written 'Kisarell')! Let therefore the priests come here, and we will see what we can do with them!"

317,9. Thereupon the General at once sent a strong force to the island to bring the very clever priests to him, and they immediately came with the greatest eagerness and submission to the General’s will.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-317 Chapter