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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-318 Chapter

Chapter 318

318,1. When the water priests came before the face of Fungar-Hellan, they bowed tremendously deep, and one of them began to speak:

318,2. "Unending, most highest, almightiest god of gods, prince of princes, lord of lords! O you, before whom all the lands of the earth tremble and all the waters quivering listens to the sound of your voice, who hast founded heaven and earth, and hast built the great city for millions of people according to your pleasing, - make graciously known to us most repulsive worms before thee, what you desire from us!"

318,3. About this highly silly salutation a general laughter arose in the large tent of the General, and the General turned at once to Agla and asked her that she, according to the counsel of her father, should turn to these utter fools and by some right words convince them of their folly, and then to give them a true doctrine.

318,4. And Agla emerged from the background in her gray dress, divided her hair and showed the great flattering orators her exceedingly beautiful face, which left the horny priests instantly speechless; for they were standing there half-petrified, and no one moved his head for only one width of a hair, to not lose sight of such a feast for the eyes for only one moment.

318,5. And Agla looked for a while at the priests and finally quizzically said: "What are you standing so dumb and stupid in front of me? Tell me rather, if your former salutation to the General was your absolute seriousness, and I'll give you another word! Speak; I command you in the name of the great eternal God!"

318,6. And the priests, when they had heard the sweet voice of Agla, were thereat so charmed that they produced nothing but mere dumb or rather inarticulate sounds like: "Ah - ah - ah - - oh - oh - oh"

318,7. Only one had about so much strength that he was able to produce the following very stupid sentence, which sounded thus: "Oh - oh - oh - you are - like no one of your kind! - Oh - oh - oh - you endless epitome of all - all - all female beauty! Who can look at you and live at the same time?! Who can talk when his ears have heard the sounds of heavenly spheres and harmonies of your mouth?! Oh - oh oh - you most fairest, most beautiful, most beautiful - you heavenly, heavenly, heavenly!”

318,8. Here the rapture also paralyzed this speaker’s mouth and tongue, and thus all those priests were now mute.

318,9. And Fungar-Hellan couldn’t help himself to laugh at this and he said to Mahal: "Now there we have the fools! What can we do with them? They are completely enchanted by the sight of Agla! We need the dear Agla to retreat again, otherwise these guys will turn into a love madness, and we will then have a shameful problem with them!"

318,10. And Mahal, realizing such himself, called Agla to him and said to her: "My dear daughter, here you will not achieve anything; therefore hide yourself again, otherwise we will experience a shameful spectacle!"

318,11. And Agla agreed with her father and withdrew empty-handed.

318,12. Thereupon Kisarel was called. But when he came to the fore, he was seen by the priests as the disguised Agla because he resembled Agla a lot. He therefore only caused an even greater enchantment with the priests; but he was unable to make anyone talk and hence had to retire as well.

318,13. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-318 Chapter