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Chapter 319

319,1. When now Fungar-Hellan and Mahal were convinced that here for the first time the council of Mahal failed, Fungar-Hellan asked Mahal: "Brother in God, the only eternal true God, - how did it happen now that your advice here is fruitless and, as it seems, also has no proper reason?"

319,2. And Mahal said: "Brother, a few moments ago it felt weird to me as well, because I speak nothing but what comes to me from the spirit of the Lord; but now I understand it quite well, why such advice came to me, and why it had to be fruitless!

319,3. See, this whole incident is now presenting our entire relationship to God!

319,4. These horny, worldly orientated priests represent us humans at this point in time. We arrived with a large army at these water servants, just like God came in the beginning as an almighty, implacable judge before the first human couple.

319,5. But this couple was gripped by remorse regarding its sin committed before God; and God came in a friendly garb and put man back in his original spiritual prosperity. And man soon again forgot the wrath of God and sinned in the divine friendship!

319,6. But God did not wanted to turn His friendship so soon into anger, but into an even greater love, grace and mercy, and wanted by love only to fully win back the corrupt human race again.

319,7. But - when the people beheld the face of God's love and heard the sweetest voice, they at first hardly could help themselves for all the counter love, but precisely in this love they saw in time in God such a great forbearance and patience, that they began to regard Him as incapable to ever again proceed with a judgement!

319,8. In the beginning the people loved God so much that they embraced everything what God had created with their pure love; but over time they stuck themselves with their love more and more to the visible creatures and gradually forgot altogether the divine love, and carried on with it so far that the divine patience suffered a strong rupture and again God had to befall the altogether outwardly turned mankind with a general judgement - and now even more so since man knows about God just as much as these very priests here, to whom you have given the power on this island, just as God once has given to the humans on earth.

319,9. But since they abused that power, we came to take it from them; but they looked through us and leveled their circumstances to such an extent, that we could do nothing to them.

319,10. We thus had pity on them and called them to us and wanted, through the most pleasant face of love in the person of Agla and Kisarel, give to them precisely this true love and recognition of God.

319,11. But what effect did this had on these priests? - See, they became even more horny and more sensual - even in our face!

319,12. And see, in the same manner we humans behave against God! The more love and patience He shows us, the more we turn ourselves sensually outwards, become egoistic, self-satisfied and eventually want to respect no one else than ourselves and therefore also not God!

319,13. Even if we confess God with the mouth, we renounce Him with each of our actions! For God denies Himself everything and turns all His treasures over to us; in the best case we do this by giving the smallest part to our brethren, but yet always retained the greatest part for ourselves!

319,14. Behold, therefore the Lord allowed it now to happen before our eyes, that we should see from this how we now behave towards Him, as these priests towards us!

319,15. But that we in this selfishness are not completely going mad, God must now withdraw in His love, just as Agla and her brother had to retreat from these priests!

319,16. Do you now understand the failure of my advice? - See, it is the image of failure of divine love to us men!"

319,17. Henceforth what further!

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-319 Chapter